Thursday, 15 March 2007

Frank Mulling Over Miller

So yeah. You've seen the Sin City movie. You've seen 300 Spartans kicking ass.

Now go read Frank Miller's graphic novels...


Favorite single book: The Dark Knight Returns

Definitely up there as one of my favorite all time Batman stories. Damn cool story, damn cool art.

Too bad about DK2 though...

Favorite series: Sin City

Of the seven books (The Hard Goodbye, A Dame to Kill For, The Big Fat Kill, That Yellow Bastard, Family Values, Hell and Back, and Booze, Babes and Bullets) my favorite was The Big Fat Kill, and Family Values. Because I like Miho. She's cool. Female ninja with bare boobs. Nice. And I especially like the way the spines of all the books combine to make a picture of Nancy. Like this, see....

Cool eh??

Coolest looking book: 300

It may not be the original comic books, and there may be a lot fewer pages than most books that are cheaper than this; but the gorgeous hardcover and the nice one page artwork (as opposed to the one in the comic which tended to span two seperate pages) makes this damn worth getting...

Worse book: The Dark Knight Strikes Again

The art is horrible and the story is all over the place. Don't bother buying this. EVER.

Books I haven't read but I might get:Ronin, & Batman: Year One

Because I'm a sucker for completing sets, that's why.

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