Monday, 26 March 2007

Giving Left-Feet Transformers the Boot

GREAT. Just what we needed. Transformers toys that transform into shoes.

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Yup, you saw right. Optimus Prime and Megatron are now SNEAKERS. NIKE shoes to be exact.

The best part is, get this, they are both LEFT sided shoes:

So what, they transform into the left side, and the right side magically appears like Optimus Prime's trailer?

That's not all. Apparently, these robots wear the exact same sneakers they transform into...

Sneaker wearing robots transforming into the very sneakers they are wearing on their feet? Sheer Genius...... NOT.

So, let's say this toy gets made into a cartoon. What's the story gonna be? A war of two left feet? Two robots fighting over the same kid's left foot? A bad dance competition? If it were a war between shoes, wouldn't it make more sense for one side to be Nike and the other to be Adidas or something else?

And imagine, if Optimus Prime and Megatron were two Nike shoes, what would their subordinates be? Would Grimlock be a Dutch wooden clog (kayu, geddit? oh never mind)? Bumblebee a Croc? Arcee as a Jimmy Choo? Mirage as a selipar jepun? Or maybe Soundwave could be a pair of Blue leather office shoes and the cassettes would transform into stockings...

And when those questions are answered, this begs the questions... WHAT THE HECK WOULD TRANSFORMING INTO A PAIR.. sorry, THE LEFT SIDE OF A PAIR OF SHOES ACCOMPLISH?

Transforming into cars, jets, radio and even animals made sense (to a certain extent). At least Spike and Sparkplug could hitch a ride. But transforming into shoes... Maybe they thought Spike needed a new pair of shoes. Or maybe he couldn't run fast enough. Or maybe his left foot needed a boost of speed.

What if Spike has athlete's foot? GAH! And there I was thinking making a Shitty Prime toy was already bad enough for Optimus Prime's reputation...

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