Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Surreal With a Jacky In It

This dude is probably the closest person to a 'legend' whom I've ever had the privilege to talk to.

It's funny how life goes, you grow up idolising someone and singing his songs which formed such a big part of your life; and all of a sudden, you actually HAVE grown up and you're faced to faced with him, talking to him one on one, and trying to recall the last time you'd heard a new song of his while itching to hand him a CD to autograph, a CD that you'd only got a few hours before, and have not even heard yet.

This job is weird sometimes. Surreal.

Oh, and he's a real nice guy too.

Now, will someone get Faye Wong on the line for me?

And that's the closest I'll ever get to talking about what I do. So there.

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