Friday, 13 April 2007

The Japan Jaunt: Erevators to Bonfires of Hot Carrots

Sorry about the lack of updates. Been busy. As usual.

Anyway, keeping with the Tokyo thread, I shall now illustrate why I think Tokyo is awesome, with the help from some genuine Tokyo signages:

They educate you on what kind of plants their Dewan Bandaraya plant along the streets. Here? The plants die too quickly to make this practise practical.

They tell you exactly which type of water is good to drink

And which are not.

You can't start bonfires in their temples.

Plus you also can't walk and smoke at the same time. So there is no second hand smoke to spoil your morning stroll through the park. AWE-SOME.

You have to turn off your handphones and are forbidden from answering them on the trains and buses. Makes for very peaceful train rides. AWE-SOME.

They have hot carrots. AWE... er.. and then some.

And finally...

Their signs use the same Engrish as Hiro Nakamura.

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