Monday, 30 April 2007

Last Chance Not to Desert Your Friends

It's quite weird sometimes to be writing about people whom you know and are friends with. Over the years I've interviewed quite a number of my friends (those who were already my friends before I interviewed them, not those whom I became friends with AFTER I interviewed them).

However, I tend to be slightly less reluctant to pimp friends on the BLOG though. Besides, I like to give my friends a little hand sometimes, so this here blog is just another way to get word around about their little projects.

Anyway, there's this local band called The Deserters that some of you have probably seen a couple of times before in various indie gigs around town; and two of the guys on the band are friends from the office.

And just the other day, one of them, Zack, came up to me and said, "Hey man, would you like to buy our latest EP?"

Now I'd heard their songs before during their gigs, and I kinda like some of their songs. When I heard them live, I thought the songs had a bit of an Oasis vibe to it, but seemed edgy enough to be be reputably indie, and yet still halfway towards mainstream MOR rock at the same time.

Now dudes, if any of you are reading this, don't take this as an insult, ok? I LIKE the songs man!

Anyway, this here is the EP:


It's got four songs in total:

Last Chance:
By far my favorite song on the EP. This was the song I wished for an mp3 of when I first heard them live. After listening to it countles times since I got the EP, I can discern that I probably like this because: 1) It's catchy, 2) I like the guitar breaks and solos, 3) It's a bit of Oasis plus Goo Goo Dolls vibe to it, two bands I like a lot. MY favorite singalong song this year.

No Brakes:
For some reason, the intro reminded me of The Killers. The song itself is catchy though, but not as fun to sing.

Again, the intro reminded me of another band I like: Oasis. To tell the truth, I found this song and No Brakes a little less memorable than the other two songs. But that's just me...

24 Hours:
I'd heard Zack Yusof sing this before on the Voices Next Door CD, and thought it was a decent acoustic ballad. Add a little bit more production, some electronics and voila! it's that slightly better than the VND version.

To tell the truth, I kinda like Last Chance and 24 hours more than the other two songs, mostly because it's easier to sing-along to those two songs. I'm a sucker for songs with singability mar. But anyway, I'm not saying the other two songs suck. Overall, this is a decent EP to own. I like the band's style, and the songs are not half bad either.

Besides, it only cost me ten bucks.

For more information about the Deserters, check out their MySpace HERE.

PS: You can stream a demo song - Talk To Me - at their Myspace. As for the rest, just email them to buy the EP, ok?

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