Friday, 20 April 2007

Leave the Meat Creatures out, Michael Bay. Just give us the Transformers!

So I saw this 20 minute preview of Transformers.


Ok, let me rephrase that. It rawked when the TRANSFORMERS were on screen. I couldn't care less about all the people running away from the robots screaming. In fact, I kept wishing a Decepticon foot would come down and squash those puny meat creatures.

But I digress.

There were four scenes we got to watch. First, the scene at the Middle Easter air base where that cool helicopter (which is actually the Decepticon Blackout) lands, and then Transforms.

I tell you, when I heard that TRANSFORMING SOUND, I almost flipped. It wasn't like throughout the whole transformation, but at the beginning though, which was abit weird. But then once the sound played, the whole helicopter just... TRANSFORMED.


We also got to see Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Jazz, Ironhide and Ratchett in Robot form. And OMG Optimus Prime talking. It may have bee nvery mechanical, but it was instantly recognisable as Optimus Prime. PETER CULLEN RULES!

To tell the truth, as long Michael Bay puts in a lot of giant robots, the movie will be awesome. Just don't try to make it a HUMANS SURVIVE ALIEN ROBOT ATTACK kind of movie. We don't BLOODY CARE about the PEOPLE. JUST GIVE US THE ROBOTS GODDAMIT.

All those scenes with Sam (yes, SAM, not Spike) trying to pick up a chick was just lame. and Shia Lebeouf was just ANNOYING. and his parents too. ANNOYING. In fact, all those scenes with ONLY PEOPLE and NOT ROBOTS were just plain boring. I was practically WILLING the reel to move on to the robots.

Anyway, there were a whole lot of goosebumpy moments, like when the Transforming sound came on, when Optimus Prime appeared. Brilliantly nostalgic I tell you.

Sure, Bumblebee ain't a VW Bug. Sure, Jazz ain't a Porsche, Megatron ain't a gun, and Starscream looks like a Gorilla. And yeah, they still look like AVP: The Robot wars.


Come June 28, get ready to Transform and ROLL OUT!!!

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