Monday, 2 April 2007


Oops, wrong version.

Here's the right one:

Not a Review.
Lean. Mean. Green.
Dude... half-shells kick butt!
Why all about Raphael and Leonardo only?
Boring! Boo!
I want more Donatello!
And er... less of Michaelangelo. Ok, maybe not too much.
Why Casey Jones so skinny wan?
Why Splinter's accent so funy wan?
April O'Neil. Hot.
GAH! She's just a cartoon!
Wait, she's got Buffy's voice!
Female ninja. Hot.
GAH! She's also a cartoon!
Wait, she's got Zhang Ziyi's voice!
Badass baddies. But nothing special.
Good action, but fighting so blur wan.
Effects quite cool, beats those rubber suits, eh?
Stupid story.... Who cares?
It's the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
Heroes in a half-shell, turtle power!
Cowabunga, dude!

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