Thursday, 31 May 2007

Transforming Giant Robots To Attack Damansara

Eh, what's you think this blog is, Eye on Announcements ar? This is the THIRD announcement I've made this past week! I better get some freebies for this, yer hear???!!!????


Anyway, The Transformers Fandom of Malaysia, a.k.a. TransMY, has just launched a new look website in conjunction with the upcoming LIVE-ACTION movie (I emphasised 'LIVE ACTION' because apparently some doofuses still think the movie's gonna be a cartoon. :S :S).

And that's not all, they've also just announce that there's gonna be whole damn ROBOT CONVENTION in June as well! WOOO!

It's called the TRANSFORMERS ROBOTCON 2007, and it's gonna be in June 22-24 at Cineleisure Damansara.

Here's the details and the poster:


For more information, click on the poster above to get to TransMY's NEW LOOK website!!!

Pantalaimon and James Bond Trail Lyra Atop an Armoured Bear

There seems to be a slew of cool movie trailers being released lately. first, there was Transformers, then The Clone Wars, and two days ago, I found out there was already a Teaser Trailer for The Golden Compass (I'm a little behind on my trailer news), on top of the Featurette that was online a while back.

In case you didn't know, The Golden Compass (original title Northern Lights) is the first book in a trilogy of 'children's fantasy' called His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman, and instead of me telling you why you should go and read it NOW NOW NOW, Go and read about why you should read the book BEFORE the movie comes out in THIS POST.

Now, back to the trailer.

I really really like the look of The Golden Compass.

It looks futuristic, yet suitably traditional.

And I'll admit that although I didn't like the look of Lyra in the poster HERE, I do think she looks quite good in the trailer.

Anyway, the trailer also features...

Witches who look like Bond girls!

James Bond himself!

Nicole Kidman.... Still looking HOT

Awesome Armoured Bears!

And Pantalaimon! From Cute to Frizzy in 0.2 seconds!

So yeah, go check out the trailer by clicking the logo below:

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Yes, No. Yes? No!

No, they don't have a pretty little fairy,
Yes, but I do think their logo is rather funny.
No, I doubt I'd get much from them anyway,
Yes, I don't give a rat's ass, by the way.
No, I don't care how you promote yourself,
Yes, you're making a fool out of yourself.
No, I don't think you're out of line,
Yes, but I do think you're beginning to whine,
No, I don't think yours is inferior,
Yes, I think you're being a bit bitter.
No, you don't have to choose one or the other,
Yes, everyone can still choose just one or the other.
No, I don't like you, no not at all,
Yes, that's why I preferred the other side of the wall.
No, I doubt this will make much of a difference,
Yes, I may be overestimating my significance,
No, I don't think I want to change my stand,
Yes, what anyone thinks, I don't really give a damn

Theories of a Loving and Hating a Pirate Movie

After watching Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End twice already, and encountering people who LOVED the movie and some who HATED the movie, I have come up with a theory about the movie. Several theories, in fact.
  1. If you liked the second movie, you'll hate this one (mostly because you'd have much higher expectations).
  2. If you HATED the second movie, you'll love this one (mostly because you'd have much lower expectations of the movie).
  3. If you judged the movie based solely on how much screen time Jack Sparrow was on screen, then you'd hate it.
  4. If you're like me and love having Captain Barbossa around, then you won't mind not the parts when Jack was NOT on-screen. Because even when Jack wasn't on-screen, the other pirates, particularly Barbossa, made up for his absence.
  5. Except for those parts when only Kiera and Orlando was on-screen though, in which case, like LOTR's Arwen scenes: It's time for a toilet break.
  6. It's a PIRATE movie. It's a DISNEY movie. WHAT story?
  7. If you can't sit still for more than two hours, then you'll probably think it's too long.
  8. Likewise, if you've managed to sit through ALL THREE Lord of the Rings movies (THE EXTENDED VERSIONS) without complaining about their length, then you would not complain about the length of Pirates. Because compared to the sometimes snail's pace of LOTR movies, POTC 3's 2 hour forty-five minutes is like a half-hour TV sitcom.
Ceh wah, can become movie critic oledi. Will add more when I think of more. But yeah, that's why I think some people hated the movie, and some people loved it.

Me? Yo ho ho, I'm gonna watch it a third time...

The Future of Star Wars: Dee Dee Joins Cuddly Yoda and Mushroom Dooku

It's Star Wars' 30th Birthday this year!!!!

Woot woot!

Throws Fireworks (with no sound in case police catch)!

Mexican Wave (with one hand!)

Ok, so the exact date was last week. so sue me.

Anyway, in true EoE Better-late-than-never spirit, I shall now offer you something cool to celebrate this galactic day: and really, what better way to celebrate than to show you guys the FUTURE of Star Wars (and no I'm not talking about those crappy toys).

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you...

A sneak peek of the upcoming Star Wars: Clone Wars animated TV series!!!! (ok, so some of you already saw this a long long time ago. so sue me)


Cool Clone troopers!

Cool spaceships!

Cool spaceships getting blown up!

A very nostalgic-looking light-speed scene!

Aayla Secura looking buttkickingly cool!

Anakin not looking whiny!

Obi-Wan looking like a puppet from Team America!

Yoda looking cuddly!

Count Dooku looking like a mushroom!

Amidala looking like Deedee from Dexter's Laboratory!

So what are you waiting for? click on the logo below to check out the teaser trailer!!!

And may the For... oh you know the drift.

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

A Drama of Early Morning Car Wonkiness

Vroom vroom.
Drive drive drive out,
WAHLAU, temperature SO HIGH!
Panic panic panic.
U-turn, u-turn,
Zoom zoom zoom to mechanic.
Mechanic: "WHAT?!?!? Overheat AGAIN?"
Pop hood, check check check
Wahlau, have to change radiator. Leaking oledi
Will cost you so-and-so.
Sad, broke face.
Ok lah, pay tomorrow.
Car fix oledi,
Drive drive drive to work.
Panic panic panic.
Zoom zoom zoom,
Faster faster drive to petrol station.
Stop car,
Pop hood.
Check radiator water.
Eh, still got what.
Check temperature.
Eh, normal what.
Go back to car, drive drive drive.
Tension tension,
After engine explode mati gua.
Turn on air-con.
Eh, why aircon not working?
Like not cold wan.
Damn stuffy.
Like no..... GAS!
Air-con gas all leaked out!
THAT was the 'smoke'!
Call mechanic: "Oi, you didn't put back the air-con properly!"
"Gas all leak out oledi!"
Mechanic: Oh, sowi. Tomorrow bring back again.
Sigh. Third day in a row bring back there oledi.
Drive to work no air-con is siens.
Sweat like pig only.
No mood liao.

Monday, 28 May 2007

Puttin' Hurin in The Baggins

After all that dilemma...


I did after all.

So I'm a sucker for pretty Alan Lee illlustrations and that name that starts with T. So sue me.

Oh, and you can get this with a 25% discount at Kinokuniya KLCC (if you buy something else with it)!!!!

The Weekend Of Unfortunate Events

What a bloody weekend it was.

On top of getting a cold, headache and sore throat all at once on Saturday, My car radiator acted up, overheated, and nearly exploded on me (that would have been some sight eh? Except, I caught the overheating just on time, and managed to limp into a petrol station to let it cool down and top up the water...); AND then I had to go lose my handphone (good thing it was a three-year-old Alcatel phone with POLYPHONIC RINGTONES and only cost me RM200 then).

So yeah, if anyone's been trying to call me, I won't have a handphone until at least tomorrow. And I won't have a car tomorrow either, come to think of it.


Sunday, 27 May 2007

A Midnight Preview To Cool Transformers Toys

Now, you all know I'm a huge Transformers fan, and am a sucker for cool Transformers toys. Well, we also have a local Transformers fan-club called TRANSMY, and one of the dudes there asked me if I can help to announce this here.

So, in the spirit of helping out fellow Transformers fans, I proudly announce...

The Transformers Movie Toys Pre-Sales Event!

Date: 1st June 2007
Venue: Toy Workers, Subang Square, SS15, Subang Jaya. Selangor.
Time: 9.00pm - Midnight

Not only will you get a chance to be the first in Malaysia to own the Transformers Movie Toys, if you buy more than RM300 worth of stuff, you'll be entitled for mystery gifts* (Transformers merchandise). There will be a lucky draw as well and great grand prizes to be given away (all Transformers merchandise worth above RM200)

*Some Fine print, yo! All mystery gifts and lucky draw prizes are limited while stock last!

For a list of what's available for purchase, head over to Monkticon's blog, or to!

Dude! I want THIS ONE!!! Blackout ROCKS!

(picture taken from

Saturday, 26 May 2007

Book Review: Lost Girls (Alan Moore & Melinda Gebbie)

Welcome boys and girls! Today, for my Hopefully-Weekly-Book-Review, I shall be reviewing some... porn.

No not the normal DVD Pirate ini-bagus-punya-boleh-nampak-sumua-punya kinda porn. It's Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie's Lost Girls, which is a very stylised and literary kind of 'erotic fiction'.

(I've said quite a bit about it in THIS POST before, like where I got it and so on, so go read that first)

Oh who am I kidding. Erotic Fiction my ass lar. Porn is porn lah. Let's just get on with the review, shall we? And no, I'm not turning thisinto some porn reviewing blog. This is just a one-off hear me? Lalala...


Title: Lost Girls
Authors: Alan Moore & Melinda Gebbie

For more than a century, Alice, Wendy and Dorothy have been our guides through the Wonderland, Neverland and Land of Oz of our childhoods. Now like us, these three lost girls have grown up and are ready to guide us again, this time through the realms of our sexual awakening and fulfillment.

Through their familiar fairytales they share with us their most intimate revelations of desire in its many forms, revelations that shine out radiantly through the dark clouds of war gathering around a luxury Austrian hotel.

Drawing on the rich heritage of erotica, Lost Girls is the rediscovery of the power of ecstatic writing and art in a sublime union that only the medium of comics can achieve. Exquisite, thoughtful, and human, Lost Girls is a work of breathtaking scope that challenges the very notion of art fettered by convention. This is erotic fiction at its finest.

What I Liked:
  • Sex!
  • More sex!
  • Lots of sex!
  • Even more sex!
  • Whole pages of sex!
  • Very creatively written stories (about sex!)
  • Very gorgeous graphics (of people having sex!)

What I Didn't Like:
  • Too much sex! Very distracting. Hur hur.
  • Had to go through the whole thing over again because the first time I 'read' it I was too distracted by all that sex. Hehe.
  • Sometimes the fonts a bit hard to read. So I usually gave up and looked at the pictures of people having sex instead.

Nothing much to say about this really. Almost the entire novel is about sex, sex, sex and oh yeah, sex. So if you like sex (who doesn't anyway?), then you'd like this book.

Oh sure, it's all very stylised, Gebbie's paintings are gorgeous (even when they depict er... all sorts of graphic and explicit body parts) and there IS a story that invovles some historical events merged with some literary allusions to Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz and Peter Pan.

But really, who is Moore and Gebbie kidding? The whole three volumes are just pure pornography, and whoever reads this will just be reading about sex, sex, sex and more sex. That's about it, really.

But then again, since that is exactly what they set out to do in the first place, I suppose I really must say that they did a brilliant job of it. If you think of it as purchasing a high-end piece of comic art that just happens to be erotic in nature, then this is worth every penny of it.
But if you have to buy just ONE Alan Moore graphic novel... don't buy this. Go buy Watchmen or something. And if you really want porn that much, go look for a DVD pirate...

Friday, 25 May 2007

A State of Astro Boredom

I used to watch a lot of TV. but nowadays, I haven't been turning on the Astro much, because there never seems to be anything good to watch, even with so many channels on.

Right now all that I'm left with right now on Astro that I want to watch is CSI, and er... Transformers cartoons at 7pm (that's if I can get home in time). Otherwise, I usually just leave the TV on Channel [V] most of the time in the hopes of catching glimpses of Maya, Marion or Sarah.

I even have to resort to watching WWE Wrestling at times, because it was that or Steven Seagal on AXN again...

And what's this? Astro gonna raise their fees later? time to cut down on the channels I'm subscribe to, me thinks...

Anyway, here's why I might as well terminate my Astro subscibtion for the next few months:
  • The football season is over, and the new season only starts in August (NO FOOTBALL FOR THREE MONTHS OMG WHAT WILL I DO DURING THE WEEKENDS!!!!!)
  • Cartoon Network keeps showing the same episodes of Justice League over and over again (I can practically memorise what the dialogue is for each episode is now...)
  • The Amazing Race All-Stars is over, and the 2nd season of The Amazing Race Asia will only be on later in the year.
  • The first season of Heroes has ended (not that I watched it on Astro anyway though...)
  • None of the sitcoms on Star World are any funny unless you count the reruns of Simpsons, Frasier and Seinfeld.
  • The only movies that seem to be on AXN is that crappy Stevan Seagel movie, That crappy Jet Li The One movie, and Spiderman, Spiderman and Spiderman. For gods sake get some new movies!!!!
  • There are more crap teeny shows than music videos on MTV these days.
  • Star Movies, HBO and Cinemax seem to be more interested in showing crappy B-grade 80's movies than getting new movies.
  • There's only so many cooking shows and animal documentaries I can take at one go.
  • House MD on AXN is on season behind the one I'm watching, and the CSI: New York season three they have now is at least ten episodes behind what I'm watching now.
  • The only anime I'm interested in watching on Animax are the ones which I have already read before in Mangas.
GAH! How am I supposed to feel entertained when you have CRAP ALL on your channel!!!!????!!!??? Time to review your programs lar, Astro! It's YOUR job to keep ME ME ME ME ENTERTAINED! Now go get me some new episodes of Justice League, or some South Park to watch! GO GO GO! KEEP ME ENTERTAINED!!!

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Björk Out-weirds Amos With A Feisty Cranberry

I don't usually listen to many female singers, mostly because I can't sing the songs. Oh, I can sing them, but it's just not the same as singing a guy's songs; and when you can't sing a song, it's not as fun anymore.

But all the same, good music is good music, so I still LISTEN to them. I've always liked Tori Amos' songs, ever since I heard Faye Wong cover her Silent All This Years (in Cantonese, no less).

Amos' new American Doll Posse album is actually not bad. 23 tracks, nice and long, and some very cool tunes as well. What I really can't stand though, is that MILF, MILF, MILF line in Big Wheel. And OMG what hideous album cover is that????

Bjork's Volta is a bit weird though. But then again, it's Bjork, and one look at the album cover will tell you that this is one whacked out album. Not whacked out as in funny whacked out, but plain weird and insane whacked out. Seriously, I can't even listen to the album without getting weirded out at some point and stopping.

Feist's The Reminder is a little bit more conventional though. Nice Indie Pop, and I like her voice very very much. Though Dolores O'Riordan still sounds the same away from the Cranberries. Oh well, their music may be much more conventional than the other two, but at least their album covers are much better looking. Hehe.

Ok, time to sleep. Watching last night's game is really taking a toll on me now... hehe.

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Ice Cream Deserters Light Up Laila's Lounge

Heads up people, it's indie rock gig time, and there're gonna be two gigs on two consecutive nights this weekend.

(Not so coincidentally, my friends' band The Deserters will be playing both gigs.)

Anyway, the first one on SATURDAY, 8pm, is a joint EP launch by Deserters and Citizens of Ice Cream (wonder if they're giving out free ice-cream), and will be at Little Havana. Admission is RM15 including one drink.

The second gig on SUNDAY, 8pm, features JB's Laila's Lounge as the headline act, with Deserters and Lightcraft as 'special guests'. It's at KL Jam Asia in Desa Sri Hartamas and admission is RM12

Oh, and I forgot to mention, you can get The Deserter’s new EP - Last Chance - at all Rock Corner outlets in the Klang Valley.

And it's only RM10!!!!

And I swear I'm not getting paid for all this promotion. :-D

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Captain Jack Sparrow kicks Spidey's ass to World's End and Back

Pirates of the Caribbean.
At World’s End.
Not a Review.
One word: AWESOME.
Two hours forty five minutes?????
Wah, got so long meh?
Never feel it at all also.
It's like, damn fun ok?
Not like the second movie...
Which sucked.
Because it was like a 2.5-hour long trailer for this one.
Was afraid they might overdo it, since last film mar,
But no....
WHOLE movie damn fun.
AWESOME battles,
Got more fighting,
Pirate lords!
More ships!
Funny Dialogue!
Old jokes that are still funny (not like Shrek 3!)
Damn cool effects!Damn cool ideas!
Up Is Down! Brilliant!
And got story samore!
Ok, got one part here damn WTF,
Like some B-Grade 50-foot-tall movie.
But still whole movie is still best best best

Chow Yun Fatt like Ancient Chinese Dai Kor Dai Pirate = BEST
Davy Jones evil like heck but damn cham
Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann should just die though.
Damn kayu.
Damn pointless.
Damn annoying.
Kill them both!!!
Oooh, but Kiera's legs damn nice.
Worse pirates EVAR!
Monkey also can act better.
But everyone else damn power.
And Captain Barbossa ROCKS.
Geoffery Rush is brilliant.
Still my favourite pirate captain. ARRRR!

Oh, yeah, besides Captain Jack Sparrow, of course.
Johnny Depp still the man.
Had so much (and many) of him, but never felt like too much
In Depp We Trust.
Who said not enough of him?
Too much of Jack also no good right?
Afterward Overdose then you know.
But then less of Bloom would be better.
But at least ending still good.
Oh, and that Rolling Stone er... rocked!
I didn't want to see Spidey again at all.
But this one I want to watch over and over again!
The Summer belongs to the Sparrow!

Update: 23/5/2007:

I wonder if it's because I had much lower expectations for this movie than usual because of the lousy second movie (pointless and plotless), but I loved this movie to bits, while others didn't really like it at all. Or maybe because I am a big fan of Barbossa, so I was not at all bothered at all the Jack-Sparrow-less scenes. But anyway, just thought I'd add this disclaimer in case people start baying for my blood after spending RM25 bucks on Gold Class and completely hating the movie after that. Ahahaha.

Monday, 21 May 2007

Awesome Threesomes, OK Thirds and The Should-Have-Stopped-At-Twos

2007 is the year of threesomes.

No, not THAT kind of threesomes (tsk tsk... you pervs!), I’m talking about movie threesomes, or rather, trilogies. But do good things really come in threes?

So far, the two recently released "sequels to sequels" have not been very encouraging. Spider-man 3 was too damn long, and too emo for my liking. Shrek 3 DID manage to draw a few chuckles every now and then, it just did not measure up to the rip-roaring laugh-a-minute original.

Next up, we’ll have Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (which judging from the final theatrical trailer looks like it's gonna kick ass), The Bourne Ultimatum (Jason Bourne is the new James Bond, until the new James Bond became the new James Bond) and Ocean's 13 (which is always fun to watch).

Then there’s the FIFTH Harry Potter movie, but that’s a whole new monster altogether.

Ok, the third movies in a trilogy generally do reap in the rewards at the box office (Return of the King is the second highest earner of all time, Spider-man 3 was the top-highest debut of all time), and generally is the climax to a trilogy (well, duh).

So, that got me thinking. What other good third movies are there? And I came up with this list...


Lord of The Rings: The Return of the King – THIS IS KING, no doubts about that. Too long, too many endings, too confusing? Who cares? This was the climax of the greatest trilogy ever made, and it managed to keep both book and movie lovers happy. No mean feat, that.

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi – No, it’s not the ‘sixth film', but the third film in the ORIGINAL (and still the best) Star Wars trilogy. The Ewoks may have tarnished the trilogy a little, but the final tri-battle sequence is still the best in the ENTIRE series.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – Two words: Sean Connery. And the girl is not as whiny as the one in Temple of Doom.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkhaban – It may have grossed the lowest among the four and soon to be five movies, but in terms of vision, story and atmosphere, it’s the darkest, and best-executed. My favorite of the Potter movies.


Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith – The third and final instalment in the ‘prequel trilogy’, this one was a lot better than the insipid Attack of the Clones, but still paled in comparison with the originals.

Back to the Future III – By the time they got back to the present day in the 80's (which is the past for us, but the present for the movie, but yet still the future for some of the characters but now you watch it somehow their future also seems to be our past as well which is nothing like our present and yet still a long way from our future. WHEW!). The Western angle to the film was cheesy, though the Delorean still looks cool even today (which is the movie's future, which is... oh never mind.)

X3: The Last Stand – the movie was doomed the minute Bryan Singer decided to leave it in the hands of Brett Ratner, who pulled down an otherwise great superhero franchise to being merely a good one.

Spider-man 3 - Could've been so much better if only it was shorter, less emo, less goofing around and had more fighting. The second is still the best, and Doc Ock is still the greatest villain in the franchise.

Terminator 3: The Rise of the Machines - The only good part about this was the awesome and brutal car chase, and seeing the T-X naked. Other than that, it was a complete rehash of the first. Interesting setup though...


The Matrix Revolutions – In this case, the Wachowskis should have stopped at ONE. From incredibly brilliant first movie to incredibly stupid third movie. The movie that proves that a bigger budget and better special effects can’t compensate for a lousy story.

Jurassic Park 3 – By all accounts better than the second, but still, even that one was one dinosaur movie too far.

Batman Forever - Oh dear, oh dear... But at least Val Kilmer did slightly better than George "Plastic Nipples' Clooney...

Shrek 3 - Tired and old characters, cliched jokes and uninspiring plot. Stop flogging the dead donkey already.

Aliens 3 - Another oh dear oh dear. So bad that if the first two were not so awesomely brilliant, we'd have to brainwash ourselves just to forget that there was an Aliens franchise. And they had to make the whole thing WORSE by making Alien Resurrection! GAH!

Will add more when I think of more. In the meantime, you reckon there're anymore I should include into the list?

Enuffnang Said

Since Vincent brought it up, I thought I might as well have a little explanation for that little blue thingy at the top of my sidebar called a Nuffnang Ad.

Yes, there's an ad on my blog.
Yes, I've always been rather proud of having a blog with NO ads.
Yes, I've steadfastedly resisted putting up ads all this while.
Yes, you can call me a sell-out if you want to.

Unfortunately, certain non-blog cicumstances have somehow forced me into considering some er.. alternative ways of getting some extra money (hey, I need to find SOME way to fund my coffee addiction, ok?).

Anyway, when wondering what ads to masuk, I decided to go for Nuffnang. Why? For one, it's Malaysian. And I memang always Malaysia Boleh wan mar. And also, I like the logo. It's cute. And lastly, I REALLY didn't like the other available option.

So, Nuffnang it was. And thus, an ad infested my blog.

Hey, at least it's just one TINY ad (ok, maybe not THAT tiny, but you get the idea) at the side, and not some IN YOUR FACE banner or something like that. And don't worry, I'm not gonna write any bloody sponsored Pay Per Posts and what not. I'm not THAT desperate. :D

But still, I'll TOTALLY understand if you don't wanna come back here no more. sigh... :-(

But not to worry. I ain't gonna turn this into some purely money-making blog. It's still all for fun after all. Besides, I'm not even sure I'll make ANYTHING out of those ads. But at least it's worth a try.

Anyway, regular blog transmission will resume in a couple hours. Damn hungry now, ta!

Friday, 18 May 2007

7 Reasons Why You Should Go Watch the New Transformers Trailer NOW

Here's why the new Transformers trailer rocks and why if Michael Bay keeps the attention solely on the robots, the movie will kick Spiderman's ass all the way to Cybertron and back.

1) The Goosebumps you get when you see this symbol:

2) Bumblebee actually looking like the cute Bumblebee we love

3) Megatron looking forebodingly evil even when inactive

4) THAT sound when Optimus Prime transforms in this scene:

5) Blackout getting ready to chop up some puny meat creatures with his rotor blades

6) Optimus Prime getting ready to kick butt.

7) Starscream. Mid-Air Transformation. Nuff said.

So what yer waiting for? Go check out the trailer HERE!

Moore Evidence of How Porn Brings People Together

I was haunting Neil Gaiman's blog recently when I saw some rather intriguing (and somewhat frightening) pictures of the wedding of Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie's wedding.

If you're wondering who Alan Moore is, you must be either new to this blog or you should be reading more graphic novels. Moore wrote V for Vendetta, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, From Hell, Top Ten, and also what is thought to be the greatest graphic novel ever written - Watchmen.

When I met Gaiman in Singapore, he describe Moore as 'Big, hairy and not at all scary". I don't know about you, but he definitely looks scary to me:

(all pictures on this post were Googled)

As for Melinda Gebbie, she's no less famous either. She's a well-known comic artist, and had been collaborating with Moore for the past 16 years on a pornographic graphic novel called Lost Girls.

Yes, a PORN graphic novel.

(BTW, this is the closest I'll be talking about the subject on this blog, so don't get so excited just yet.)

Anyway, according to Wikipedia's entry on the book, over Lost Girls' sixteen year production, Moore and Gebbie 'entered into a romantic relationship, and in 2005 they announced their engagement to be married.'

Moore even said, "I'd recommend to anybody working on their relationship that they should try embarking on a 16-year elaborate pornography together. I think they'll find it works wonders."

Now, since it's er... porn and all, Lost Girls is obviously not available in Malaysia (though it was once spotted in Kinokuniya, but was gone in an instant). However, I recently managed to obtain a copy of Lost Girls thanks to a friend who went to Bangkok and managed to smuggle a copy back for me. How he managed to pull that off with a tiny backpack on his bag and nothing else, I don't know.

Initially, I thought that all the talk about it being pron was merely exaggeration. But when I got the book and started looking through it, I was amazed.


GASP! SHOCK! HORROR! Ooooo... kinky.


What's more, it's not even the kind of subtle 'pron' that many books or comics merely HINT at. It's full-blown, graphically explicit and very much in your face kind of pron.

Of course, this being an Alan Moore book, Lost Girls actually isn't just about the sex.

Oh wait it is. Aww heck.

But anyway, unlike all those pron movies you tend to see, Lost Girls actually has a story behind all that nudity and screwing around. It's about these three women - Alice, Dorothy and Wendy, who meet at a hotel and start talking about their sexual encounters in the past.

Yes, that's the story.

Wait, there's more. In case you were wondering, Alice is the rabbit-hole spelunking Alice from Alice in Wonderland Dorothy is that red shoe clicking Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, and Wendy is that flying to Never-Never land Wendy from Peter Pan. And somehow, Moore manages to weave elements of those timesless classics into his er.. more sexually explicit plot and actually make it interesting.

But seriously. The story is good and all, but er... it doesn't change the fact that this is pron in its most glorious and graphically-novel state. Gebbie's illustrations are gorgeously done (even if certain depictions of ah... body parts are rather in your face at times) and the colours are vibrant.

Yup, Lost Girls is pron like you've never seen it before. It's artistic, crative, and at times disturbing. And it's proof that porn isn't really EVIL. Eheh. Heck, if Moore and Gebbie actually getting MARRIED after finishing the book isn't proof enough that pron DOES bring people together, I don't know what is.... hehe.

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Eventual Scientific Enlightenment Comes Ten Years Late

In case you were wondering if this is still a book blog, I shall now attempt to blog about this book I just read. It's called A Short History of Nearly Everything. And it's a Science book.

NO, not a Science FICTION book. It really IS about SCIENCE, and it's a non-fiction book.

Heck, it's pretty much my favorite non-fiction book so far. Even though I haven't exactly read THAT many non-fiction books.

Anyway, the book touches on the creation of the universe, physics, chemistry, biology, orgiin of species, atoms, protons, dinosaurs etc etc.

I remember when I was a kid I used to flip through all our Encyclopedias and read about dinosaurs, planets, the solar system and what not. I loved reading about the solar system and dinosaurs, and how things work and all that crap. It was fun!

Then when I grew up, went to school and had to take EXAMS on all that shit, it just didn't seem so fun anymore. And I lost interest.

To tell the truth, this is actually the first science related non-fiction book that has actually captivated me enough to finish it. Even Stephen Hawkings' A Brief History of Time and Terry Pratchett's Science of Discworld books didn't interest me as much as Bryson's book did.

I think it's the way Bryson writes. I read his past books before - and I loved his travel books like the one on the UK and America. I liked the way he wrote - very entertaining, some dry sarcastic humour and tongue in cheek moments. He writes this book in pterry much the same style, but you could tell that he actually did a whole lot of research for it. Like he says in the introduction, he thanks the people who managed to put up with him asking over and over again, "Excuse me, can you repeat that part again?"

I can imagine how hard it would be to write a book like this, with so much history, science and so much to cover. It's to his great credit that he actually covers A LOT OF GROUND, and manages to keep it all very interesting by injecting humour, some sarcasm, and even a lot of anecdotes about the people and historic figues he writes about. I'd type out some of my favorite passages here, but there were too many of them.

I also like how he doesn't sound too technical or too stuffy when talking about heavy subjects like physics, chemistry and what not. In fact, he makes it very easy to understand, and I learnt A LOT from this book, a lot of which I always wondered about.

Someone who saw me reading the book told me that they were actually using it at colleges, and she was wondering WHY THE HELL I would want to read a book as BORING as that.

Well, it's not boring. I actually LOVED this book. And I regret not buying the illustrated version on sale last time. It's all I ever wanted in a book about science, and it brought back all those memories of poring through encyclopedias and oohing and ahhing over all those pretty pictures of dinosaurs, rockets and the solar system.

Heck, I wish they'd written all our secondary school science text books the way Bryson writes in this book, because if they had, I'd have scored straight A's in the exams because I'd have finished reading the ENTIRE book.

As it is, I'll have to be content with only finding out about how the Theory of Relativity actually WORKS, and what how that funny looking chemistry table was invented almost ten years AFTER I actually had cause to use that sort of information. Bah.

Oh well, good thing I didn't decide to be a scientist, huh?

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Shrek the Third flogs a Dead Donkey

Shrek 3.
Not a review.
Oooo... new Transformers trailer.
BUMBLEBEE! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
STARSCREAM! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hopefully the movie actually turns out like the trailer,
Then here may yet be hope for the movie yet.
What? Shrek?
Oh yeah.
Shrek 3.
A bit boring.
Heck, the Transformers trailer was more memorable.
I wanted to watch the trailer again more than I wanted to watch Shrek 3 again.
The whole Shrek 3 movie like flogging dead donkey
Just kept going, "Wait, didn't that happen in the first movie?"
Or maybe it was the second movie.
"Eh, wait I heard that joke in another movie."
High school/ teenager jokes? Like DUH.
Old-dude-trying-to-sound-hip jokes? Yo enough already.
Princesses doing kungfu? Yawwwwn.
Un-typical villain jokes? Same old same old.
Everything seemed old, tired, rehashed.
Cliché, cliché, cliché,
Stereotype, stereotype, stereotype,
Parody, parody, parody.
Boring, boring, boring.
No more ideas oledi is it?
Somebody come up with new jokes please.
And what kind of stupid bad-guy-plot is that anyway???

Puss in Boots still the coolest cat in the show.
And very entertaining too.
Antonio Banderas rocks.
Also, is it just me or is Shrek just bland?
Shrek the character I mean.
Jokes not funny also.
Mike Myers losing his touch.
Maybe he is bored of the character as well.
Donkey is still annoying.
Someone kill him off already, at least it won't be so boring
Cute donkey dragon baby hybrids though.
Though a certain overdose of green cuteness turned out rather creepy at times.
The animation damn cun though.
The people actually look like REAL people at times.
But Rumplestiltskin looked like someone cut and pasted his head on last minute.
Sigh. I hope they won't do another Shrek.
First movie = BRILLIANT. FUNNY like HECK.
Second movie = Not too bad, still funny.
Though to tell the truth, I can't even remember what happened in the movie.
And I watched it twice samore.
Third movie.... not so fun anymore.
I can't even remember anything from the movie now.
Save your money for Ratatouille or The Simpsons Movie lah.

PS: Shrek 3 coming out end of May. And Transformers trailer will be out on the 18th. You heard it here first! :D :D :D