Friday, 18 May 2007

7 Reasons Why You Should Go Watch the New Transformers Trailer NOW

Here's why the new Transformers trailer rocks and why if Michael Bay keeps the attention solely on the robots, the movie will kick Spiderman's ass all the way to Cybertron and back.

1) The Goosebumps you get when you see this symbol:

2) Bumblebee actually looking like the cute Bumblebee we love

3) Megatron looking forebodingly evil even when inactive

4) THAT sound when Optimus Prime transforms in this scene:

5) Blackout getting ready to chop up some puny meat creatures with his rotor blades

6) Optimus Prime getting ready to kick butt.

7) Starscream. Mid-Air Transformation. Nuff said.

So what yer waiting for? Go check out the trailer HERE!

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