Thursday, 24 May 2007

Björk Out-weirds Amos With A Feisty Cranberry

I don't usually listen to many female singers, mostly because I can't sing the songs. Oh, I can sing them, but it's just not the same as singing a guy's songs; and when you can't sing a song, it's not as fun anymore.

But all the same, good music is good music, so I still LISTEN to them. I've always liked Tori Amos' songs, ever since I heard Faye Wong cover her Silent All This Years (in Cantonese, no less).

Amos' new American Doll Posse album is actually not bad. 23 tracks, nice and long, and some very cool tunes as well. What I really can't stand though, is that MILF, MILF, MILF line in Big Wheel. And OMG what hideous album cover is that????

Bjork's Volta is a bit weird though. But then again, it's Bjork, and one look at the album cover will tell you that this is one whacked out album. Not whacked out as in funny whacked out, but plain weird and insane whacked out. Seriously, I can't even listen to the album without getting weirded out at some point and stopping.

Feist's The Reminder is a little bit more conventional though. Nice Indie Pop, and I like her voice very very much. Though Dolores O'Riordan still sounds the same away from the Cranberries. Oh well, their music may be much more conventional than the other two, but at least their album covers are much better looking. Hehe.

Ok, time to sleep. Watching last night's game is really taking a toll on me now... hehe.

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