Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Captain Jack Sparrow kicks Spidey's ass to World's End and Back

Pirates of the Caribbean.
At World’s End.
Not a Review.
One word: AWESOME.
Two hours forty five minutes?????
Wah, got so long meh?
Never feel it at all also.
It's like, damn fun ok?
Not like the second movie...
Which sucked.
Because it was like a 2.5-hour long trailer for this one.
Was afraid they might overdo it, since last film mar,
But no....
WHOLE movie damn fun.
AWESOME battles,
Got more fighting,
Pirate lords!
More ships!
Funny Dialogue!
Old jokes that are still funny (not like Shrek 3!)
Damn cool effects!Damn cool ideas!
Up Is Down! Brilliant!
And got story samore!
Ok, got one part here damn WTF,
Like some B-Grade 50-foot-tall movie.
But still whole movie is still best best best

Chow Yun Fatt like Ancient Chinese Dai Kor Dai Pirate = BEST
Davy Jones evil like heck but damn cham
Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann should just die though.
Damn kayu.
Damn pointless.
Damn annoying.
Kill them both!!!
Oooh, but Kiera's legs damn nice.
Worse pirates EVAR!
Monkey also can act better.
But everyone else damn power.
And Captain Barbossa ROCKS.
Geoffery Rush is brilliant.
Still my favourite pirate captain. ARRRR!

Oh, yeah, besides Captain Jack Sparrow, of course.
Johnny Depp still the man.
Had so much (and many) of him, but never felt like too much
In Depp We Trust.
Who said not enough of him?
Too much of Jack also no good right?
Afterward Overdose then you know.
But then less of Bloom would be better.
But at least ending still good.
Oh, and that Rolling Stone er... rocked!
I didn't want to see Spidey again at all.
But this one I want to watch over and over again!
The Summer belongs to the Sparrow!

Update: 23/5/2007:

I wonder if it's because I had much lower expectations for this movie than usual because of the lousy second movie (pointless and plotless), but I loved this movie to bits, while others didn't really like it at all. Or maybe because I am a big fan of Barbossa, so I was not at all bothered at all the Jack-Sparrow-less scenes. But anyway, just thought I'd add this disclaimer in case people start baying for my blood after spending RM25 bucks on Gold Class and completely hating the movie after that. Ahahaha.

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