Monday, 21 May 2007

Enuffnang Said

Since Vincent brought it up, I thought I might as well have a little explanation for that little blue thingy at the top of my sidebar called a Nuffnang Ad.

Yes, there's an ad on my blog.
Yes, I've always been rather proud of having a blog with NO ads.
Yes, I've steadfastedly resisted putting up ads all this while.
Yes, you can call me a sell-out if you want to.

Unfortunately, certain non-blog cicumstances have somehow forced me into considering some er.. alternative ways of getting some extra money (hey, I need to find SOME way to fund my coffee addiction, ok?).

Anyway, when wondering what ads to masuk, I decided to go for Nuffnang. Why? For one, it's Malaysian. And I memang always Malaysia Boleh wan mar. And also, I like the logo. It's cute. And lastly, I REALLY didn't like the other available option.

So, Nuffnang it was. And thus, an ad infested my blog.

Hey, at least it's just one TINY ad (ok, maybe not THAT tiny, but you get the idea) at the side, and not some IN YOUR FACE banner or something like that. And don't worry, I'm not gonna write any bloody sponsored Pay Per Posts and what not. I'm not THAT desperate. :D

But still, I'll TOTALLY understand if you don't wanna come back here no more. sigh... :-(

But not to worry. I ain't gonna turn this into some purely money-making blog. It's still all for fun after all. Besides, I'm not even sure I'll make ANYTHING out of those ads. But at least it's worth a try.

Anyway, regular blog transmission will resume in a couple hours. Damn hungry now, ta!

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