Wednesday, 30 May 2007

The Future of Star Wars: Dee Dee Joins Cuddly Yoda and Mushroom Dooku

It's Star Wars' 30th Birthday this year!!!!

Woot woot!

Throws Fireworks (with no sound in case police catch)!

Mexican Wave (with one hand!)

Ok, so the exact date was last week. so sue me.

Anyway, in true EoE Better-late-than-never spirit, I shall now offer you something cool to celebrate this galactic day: and really, what better way to celebrate than to show you guys the FUTURE of Star Wars (and no I'm not talking about those crappy toys).

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you...

A sneak peek of the upcoming Star Wars: Clone Wars animated TV series!!!! (ok, so some of you already saw this a long long time ago. so sue me)


Cool Clone troopers!

Cool spaceships!

Cool spaceships getting blown up!

A very nostalgic-looking light-speed scene!

Aayla Secura looking buttkickingly cool!

Anakin not looking whiny!

Obi-Wan looking like a puppet from Team America!

Yoda looking cuddly!

Count Dooku looking like a mushroom!

Amidala looking like Deedee from Dexter's Laboratory!

So what are you waiting for? click on the logo below to check out the teaser trailer!!!

And may the For... oh you know the drift.

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