Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Giant M&Ms Invade Office Space

It's been one of those strange, surreal days in the office.

Like, just ten minutes ago two HUGE M&Ms just walked pass my desk,

One was yellow and I think wearing Shrek's clothes. The other was Red and looked like a pirate. It was a little unerving to tell the truth. Some of us nearly freaked out at the sight of the giant, SMILING Red and Yellow blobs bearing down on them.

But we soon calmed down somewhat, when they were followed by two cute chicks handing out free M&Ms. Whee! Free chocolate! Yay!

Strangely enough, the M&Ms inside the packets came in only two colours - yellow and green. Strange colours for chocolates. And a bit sickly looking too. Must be the whole Shrek 3-theme they have right now.

But oh well, who cares what colour they are?? Me got FREE CHOCOLATE! WHEEE!

Now I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that one day a giant Hershey's Bar or Kit-Kat will walk pass us next...

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