Friday, 4 May 2007

I Have No Words But I Must Blog

I dunno. These days I don't seem to have the mood to blog. Donno what to write most of the time.

I was reading my old old posts recently, and reliased that last time I used to be quite prolific, not jsut in the number of posts, but also the number of WORDS I used in each post.

Nowadays, I'm quite content to just tembak one of those Odd Little Poem Thingies or a picture of my toys, and be done with it.

It's not that I'm tired of blogging or writing, no hell no. But I'm just... bored I guess.

When I started out, I had a simple policy: Every single post had to have something to do with BOOKS.

So much for THAT, huh?

Eventually, it turned out that there is only so much you can write about books (unless you're Sharon Bakar, that is), and I soon branched out to writing about music, TV, movies, and basically everything under the sun.

Well, ALMOST everything. I still kept to the policy of trying NOT to write about my personal life, and to keep my posts mostly to pop culture stuff (even when I did write about personal stuff, I kept it sutably cryptic. I hope).

Anyway, that policy was enough to keep the blog going for more than two years. Then, late last year, I started getting bored. And busier. And now bored again. Heck, I've been more prolific on Hantu Bola, and even there I'm starting to write less in each post. Unlike Vincent.

So now I don't know where to take this blog anymore. It's coming up to its third year soon, and I'm running out of ideas. No wait, I DO have ideas, lots of 'em, I just malas to execute them. And being an anonymous blogger, I can't do that whole Fireangel tactic of camwhoring everytime she got nothing to blog about. Not that you'd want to see me camwhoring either. Trust me, you don't. And I dowan to talk about making money either, since I DON'T make money on the blog (it's tempting though. Last I checked I had a Page Rank of 5, without even making any effort to MAKE it so. But nah. I already so malas want to maintain it when it's free, how to handle when it becomes a BUSINESS? Besides, I dowan to clutter my layout. It's ugliness is just right right now.)

So yeah, that's why there's been a distinct lack of er... quality in the posts lately, and als a distinct drop in quantity as well. Busy mar. Spider-man made me damn busy ok?

So, to all 10 of you who are still around, do be patient with me as I try to figure out what else to write about, ok? Or else tell me what you think of it right now compared to last time lar. Gimme some motivation to blog a bit lar. teehee!

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