Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Ice Cream Deserters Light Up Laila's Lounge

Heads up people, it's indie rock gig time, and there're gonna be two gigs on two consecutive nights this weekend.

(Not so coincidentally, my friends' band The Deserters will be playing both gigs.)

Anyway, the first one on SATURDAY, 8pm, is a joint EP launch by Deserters and Citizens of Ice Cream (wonder if they're giving out free ice-cream), and will be at Little Havana. Admission is RM15 including one drink.

The second gig on SUNDAY, 8pm, features JB's Laila's Lounge as the headline act, with Deserters and Lightcraft as 'special guests'. It's at KL Jam Asia in Desa Sri Hartamas and admission is RM12

Oh, and I forgot to mention, you can get The Deserter’s new EP - Last Chance - at all Rock Corner outlets in the Klang Valley.

And it's only RM10!!!!

And I swear I'm not getting paid for all this promotion. :-D

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