Friday, 11 May 2007

The Miri Misadventures: First Impressions of a Hot Town

I'm in Miri now. And it's hot. I mean, LITERALLY hot.

It's been an eventful journy getting here. I spent one hour of panicky headless chicken-like running around in KLIA this morning, because I lost my tickets and was frantically trying to get the MAS office to reissue it. And I can't believe how UNCONNECTED and how TECHNOLIGICALLY UNADVANCED they are, sampai they can't even reissue a ticket because they don't have my itinery, because the ticket was booked by a travel agent. HERRO. It's the INTERNET AGE of CONNECTIVITY. Aren't these sort of things supposed to be all computerised and all online to be available to all relevant personnel at a click of a button?

Thankfully, jsut as I was about to give up and was resigned to missing the flight, and was on the way to the ciketing office to get another ticket for the NEXT flight, I spied a salesgirl walking hurriedly along the corridor holding what LOOKED like my envelope of tickets. She saw me looking at her funny (yes, she was cute, but I was more concerned with looking at the envelope she was holding. HONEST!), and saw me looking at the envelope, and lo and behold, it WAS my tickets! YAY!

Problem solved. Thankd god. After a lot of sheepish apologising to the ticketing staff, I got on the plane, and four hours later, here I am in MIRI!!!

Anyway, after that long rant, here's some first impressions of Miri, as seen from 30 minutes out in the hot sun eating beef noodles, and taking taxis around.

(BTW, it's not the first time I'm here, but then, the last time I was only here to take a bus to a god-forsaken little national park called Loagan Bunut, which was a real adventure, but will not elaborate more here. The point being, I didn't se much of Miri then...)

1) Wahlau, taxi ride so expensive wan ar???
2) Oooo... nice view of river and sea. me likey.
3) RM5 for beef noodles??? Wahlau! Am I still in KL???
4) Hot. So Hot. I'm Melting!!!
5) Wah, got so many big hotels here.
6) Hmmm... I feel a bit like being in another country...

Will add more when I think of more. For now, I need to take a nap. Lots of JAZZ to listen to tonight! WOOT!

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