Sunday, 13 May 2007

The Miri Misadventures: A Giddy Sunset On a Jazzy Trip

After enjoying a fabulous sunset in each of the two days I was in Miri, I'm now back in mucky, hazy old KL. Bah. At least it's raining here. It was damn hot in Miri, ok?

But then again, it was a good thing it didn't rain in Miri as well, or else the Miri International Jazz Festival would have been one hell of a wet festival. Oh wait, the main concerts were indoors. Oh well. At least the Heineken girls in short skirts would have been all wet from standing outsidei in the rain.. hur hur.


Anyway, the Miri International Jazz Festival. What a blast it was. Lots of great music, beer and
a whole lot of fun. I ain't gonna be writing more about it because I AM writing more about it, except not here. hehe.

Anyway, I'll just leave some pictures in here to tell the story, and with my very own Miri International Jazz Festival Awards!!!

The 'Never Knew Jazz Could be So Culturally Spiritual' Award: KCP4 (India + Germany)

Oi, stop shining that torchlight at me!


The 'Gee Whiz I Wonder How He Came Up With That Name' Award: George WashingMachine Quartet

Everybody Polka!


The "Never Thought Music called 'Boogie-Woogie' Could Be so Cool" Award: Luis Coloma

You sure you're in a jazz band, not a rock band?

The Boogie-Woogie-Woogie King himself!


The "No Wonder They Are the Headline Act" Award: The Dirty Dozen Brass Band

Coolest dude in the band

Look Ma, no hands!

Look Ma, two horns!


The Most Unexpected Ultimate Show Stealer Award: Random Media Person who literally stole the heat from the Dirty Dozen

Woot woot!

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