Thursday, 31 May 2007

Pantalaimon and James Bond Trail Lyra Atop an Armoured Bear

There seems to be a slew of cool movie trailers being released lately. first, there was Transformers, then The Clone Wars, and two days ago, I found out there was already a Teaser Trailer for The Golden Compass (I'm a little behind on my trailer news), on top of the Featurette that was online a while back.

In case you didn't know, The Golden Compass (original title Northern Lights) is the first book in a trilogy of 'children's fantasy' called His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman, and instead of me telling you why you should go and read it NOW NOW NOW, Go and read about why you should read the book BEFORE the movie comes out in THIS POST.

Now, back to the trailer.

I really really like the look of The Golden Compass.

It looks futuristic, yet suitably traditional.

And I'll admit that although I didn't like the look of Lyra in the poster HERE, I do think she looks quite good in the trailer.

Anyway, the trailer also features...

Witches who look like Bond girls!

James Bond himself!

Nicole Kidman.... Still looking HOT

Awesome Armoured Bears!

And Pantalaimon! From Cute to Frizzy in 0.2 seconds!

So yeah, go check out the trailer by clicking the logo below:

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