Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Shrek the Third flogs a Dead Donkey

Shrek 3.
Not a review.
Oooo... new Transformers trailer.
BUMBLEBEE! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
STARSCREAM! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hopefully the movie actually turns out like the trailer,
Then here may yet be hope for the movie yet.
What? Shrek?
Oh yeah.
Shrek 3.
A bit boring.
Heck, the Transformers trailer was more memorable.
I wanted to watch the trailer again more than I wanted to watch Shrek 3 again.
The whole Shrek 3 movie like flogging dead donkey
Just kept going, "Wait, didn't that happen in the first movie?"
Or maybe it was the second movie.
"Eh, wait I heard that joke in another movie."
High school/ teenager jokes? Like DUH.
Old-dude-trying-to-sound-hip jokes? Yo enough already.
Princesses doing kungfu? Yawwwwn.
Un-typical villain jokes? Same old same old.
Everything seemed old, tired, rehashed.
Cliché, cliché, cliché,
Stereotype, stereotype, stereotype,
Parody, parody, parody.
Boring, boring, boring.
No more ideas oledi is it?
Somebody come up with new jokes please.
And what kind of stupid bad-guy-plot is that anyway???

Puss in Boots still the coolest cat in the show.
And very entertaining too.
Antonio Banderas rocks.
Also, is it just me or is Shrek just bland?
Shrek the character I mean.
Jokes not funny also.
Mike Myers losing his touch.
Maybe he is bored of the character as well.
Donkey is still annoying.
Someone kill him off already, at least it won't be so boring
Cute donkey dragon baby hybrids though.
Though a certain overdose of green cuteness turned out rather creepy at times.
The animation damn cun though.
The people actually look like REAL people at times.
But Rumplestiltskin looked like someone cut and pasted his head on last minute.
Sigh. I hope they won't do another Shrek.
First movie = BRILLIANT. FUNNY like HECK.
Second movie = Not too bad, still funny.
Though to tell the truth, I can't even remember what happened in the movie.
And I watched it twice samore.
Third movie.... not so fun anymore.
I can't even remember anything from the movie now.
Save your money for Ratatouille or The Simpsons Movie lah.

PS: Shrek 3 coming out end of May. And Transformers trailer will be out on the 18th. You heard it here first! :D :D :D

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