Friday, 25 May 2007

A State of Astro Boredom

I used to watch a lot of TV. but nowadays, I haven't been turning on the Astro much, because there never seems to be anything good to watch, even with so many channels on.

Right now all that I'm left with right now on Astro that I want to watch is CSI, and er... Transformers cartoons at 7pm (that's if I can get home in time). Otherwise, I usually just leave the TV on Channel [V] most of the time in the hopes of catching glimpses of Maya, Marion or Sarah.

I even have to resort to watching WWE Wrestling at times, because it was that or Steven Seagal on AXN again...

And what's this? Astro gonna raise their fees later? time to cut down on the channels I'm subscribe to, me thinks...

Anyway, here's why I might as well terminate my Astro subscibtion for the next few months:
  • The football season is over, and the new season only starts in August (NO FOOTBALL FOR THREE MONTHS OMG WHAT WILL I DO DURING THE WEEKENDS!!!!!)
  • Cartoon Network keeps showing the same episodes of Justice League over and over again (I can practically memorise what the dialogue is for each episode is now...)
  • The Amazing Race All-Stars is over, and the 2nd season of The Amazing Race Asia will only be on later in the year.
  • The first season of Heroes has ended (not that I watched it on Astro anyway though...)
  • None of the sitcoms on Star World are any funny unless you count the reruns of Simpsons, Frasier and Seinfeld.
  • The only movies that seem to be on AXN is that crappy Stevan Seagel movie, That crappy Jet Li The One movie, and Spiderman, Spiderman and Spiderman. For gods sake get some new movies!!!!
  • There are more crap teeny shows than music videos on MTV these days.
  • Star Movies, HBO and Cinemax seem to be more interested in showing crappy B-grade 80's movies than getting new movies.
  • There's only so many cooking shows and animal documentaries I can take at one go.
  • House MD on AXN is on season behind the one I'm watching, and the CSI: New York season three they have now is at least ten episodes behind what I'm watching now.
  • The only anime I'm interested in watching on Animax are the ones which I have already read before in Mangas.
GAH! How am I supposed to feel entertained when you have CRAP ALL on your channel!!!!????!!!??? Time to review your programs lar, Astro! It's YOUR job to keep ME ME ME ME ENTERTAINED! Now go get me some new episodes of Justice League, or some South Park to watch! GO GO GO! KEEP ME ENTERTAINED!!!

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