Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Theories of a Loving and Hating a Pirate Movie

After watching Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End twice already, and encountering people who LOVED the movie and some who HATED the movie, I have come up with a theory about the movie. Several theories, in fact.
  1. If you liked the second movie, you'll hate this one (mostly because you'd have much higher expectations).
  2. If you HATED the second movie, you'll love this one (mostly because you'd have much lower expectations of the movie).
  3. If you judged the movie based solely on how much screen time Jack Sparrow was on screen, then you'd hate it.
  4. If you're like me and love having Captain Barbossa around, then you won't mind not the parts when Jack was NOT on-screen. Because even when Jack wasn't on-screen, the other pirates, particularly Barbossa, made up for his absence.
  5. Except for those parts when only Kiera and Orlando was on-screen though, in which case, like LOTR's Arwen scenes: It's time for a toilet break.
  6. It's a PIRATE movie. It's a DISNEY movie. WHAT story?
  7. If you can't sit still for more than two hours, then you'll probably think it's too long.
  8. Likewise, if you've managed to sit through ALL THREE Lord of the Rings movies (THE EXTENDED VERSIONS) without complaining about their length, then you would not complain about the length of Pirates. Because compared to the sometimes snail's pace of LOTR movies, POTC 3's 2 hour forty-five minutes is like a half-hour TV sitcom.
Ceh wah, can become movie critic oledi. Will add more when I think of more. But yeah, that's why I think some people hated the movie, and some people loved it.

Me? Yo ho ho, I'm gonna watch it a third time...

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