Thursday, 31 May 2007

Transforming Giant Robots To Attack Damansara

Eh, what's you think this blog is, Eye on Announcements ar? This is the THIRD announcement I've made this past week! I better get some freebies for this, yer hear???!!!????


Anyway, The Transformers Fandom of Malaysia, a.k.a. TransMY, has just launched a new look website in conjunction with the upcoming LIVE-ACTION movie (I emphasised 'LIVE ACTION' because apparently some doofuses still think the movie's gonna be a cartoon. :S :S).

And that's not all, they've also just announce that there's gonna be whole damn ROBOT CONVENTION in June as well! WOOO!

It's called the TRANSFORMERS ROBOTCON 2007, and it's gonna be in June 22-24 at Cineleisure Damansara.

Here's the details and the poster:


For more information, click on the poster above to get to TransMY's NEW LOOK website!!!

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