Friday, 29 June 2007

Penukar, Lobot In the Sky!

Listening to Mutemath mutilating the Transformers Theme the other day, I realised how much I missed the actual version of that song. And so I decided to write the lyrics down.

And then, in true weird eyeris fashion, the other versions came up as well....

---------- The actual G1 Cartoon version ----------

Transformers, more than meets the eye!
Autobots wage a battle to destroy the evil forces of... The Decepticons!
Tranformers, robots in disguise!
Transformers, more than meets the eye!

---------- The Literal BM version ----------

Penukar, Melebihi Mata!
Otobot berjuang untuk memusnah kumpulan kejam... Si Deseptikon!
Penukar, Robot tersembunyi!
Penukar, Melebihi mata!

---------- The 10-year-old-Eyeris version -----------

Tenformer, more than in the eye!
Autobot face the better to deschoi the ewil saucer... of the Deseptikong!!
Tenformer, lobot in the sky!
Tenformer, more than in the eye!

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Eyeris and The Cinema Full of Orgasmic Transformers Fans

Yes, two times already.
Tonight watching for third time.
Yes I'm nuts, so sue me. Bleh.
Second time watching lagi best,
This time already expecting the Transformations,
So I can watch CLEARLY how they actually are.
And this time I stopped worrying about whether the movie will suck,
Because I already know the movie rawks,
So I can enjoy it more.
And I can take good look at the awesome robots.
I feel like I did last time,
The first time I watched the Transformers animated movie,
I feel like a kid again...

Last night damn syiok also,
Whole cinema full of rabid Transformers fans.
Some wearing Optimus Prime helmet samore.
Like me. Ahaks.
I love my Optimus Prime helmet.
It rawks.
It makes Transforming sounds,
And it makes my voice sound like Darth Vader.
And Fireangel's voice sound like that evil Galadriel in FOTR.
Whole cinema whole of crazy TF fans.
Clapping, shouting, cheering all the way.
Damn fun.
See one Transformer, all go WHOAA!!!
See him Transform, all go WHOAAA!!!!
See MORE Transformers, all go WHOAAAAAAA!!!!
See Optimus Prime, all start to scream like orgasm only.
See all the Autobots standing together, all pengsan from orgasmic bliss
After movie, all dowan to go home,
All stand around chit chat chit chat,
All want to watch again and again and again and again.
All like become small kids oledi.
Some still standing around looking stunned,
Like cannot believe Michael Bay does not suck (that much).
I can't believe some stupid fans say they want to boycott it.
Kononnya ultimate fan, tapi otak sempit.
I think I better go get the toys I not yet get.
After movie open, sure sell out wan.

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Trannies, Batties and Trekkies

This lame post was iInspired by yet another wacky conversation with the Angel on Fire, who just spent the entire trip coming back from lunch in my car wearing an Optimus Prime helmet. Don't ask.

If Star Trek fans are called Trekkies, what are.....

... G.I. Joe fans called?

... Lord of the Rings fans called?
ANSWER: Ringklies

... Matrix fans called?
ANSWER: Trixies

... Gundam fans called?
ANSWER: Dammies

... Star Wars fans called?
ANSWER: Wookies

... Transformer fans called?
ANSWER: Trannies (-_-""""")

... Harry Potter fans called?
ANSWER: Potties

... Batman fans called?
ANSWER: Batties

... James Bond fans called?
ANSWER: Bonnies

...Thundercat fans called?
ANSWER: Pussies

... Underworld fans called?
ANSWER: Undies

... CSI fans called?
ANSWER: Eyeris

... Buffy fans called?
ANSWER: Fiffies

... Mr Bean fans called?
ANSWER: Beanies

... L-Word fans called?

Will add more when I think of more. Back to work!

Nine Hours To Go Till All Are One!!!!!!!


(To watch it a SECOND time!!! MUAHAHAHAHAH!)

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Merry Mika Makes Me Manyak Mad

I don't listen to our bloody radio stations, so I'm pretty much immune to all that "WTF PLEASE STOP OVERPLAYING THAT SONG KILL ME NOW I CAN'T STAND THAT SONG AGAIN" shit.

So I can still stand Mika, even though most people are already finding him very annoying because the radio stations are apparently overplaying his songs. Malaysian radio stations suck. Listen to CDs lar people.

That said, I swear Mika's Love Today is the most cheerfully evil song in the world

Why? Because everytime you hear it it makes you smile stupidly and sing along, and it's freaking annoying because you know you don't want to sing along but then it somehow MAKES you sing along, falsetto and all.

I mean, how can you hear the verse "Everybody's gonna love today gonna love today gonna love today" and not chant along with him like some blody mantra that just sticks inyour mind and makes you ramble on and on about love today love today love today ARGGGGGGGH love today ARGGGGGH stopitstopitstopit GAH it's stuck in my head getitoutgetitout GAAAAAH.

It's evil, pure eeeeeviiiiil I tell you.

That and that bloody Grace Kelly song. It's so annoying catchy and that falsetto chorus is so fun to sing in the car that you just wanna keep playing it over and over again and goddammit get out of my head I'm going crazy I couldbebrownIcouldbeblue IcouldbevioletskARRGGGGH godammit getitoutgetitoutgetitout ARGGGH!!!!

*pant pant*

Right. Then right after that Grace Kelly, he goes into that bloody double-meaning Lollipop song that catches you AGAIN and flings you into a mode of insanity and FORCES you to again smile stupidly, snap your fingers, bob your head and sing along to SUCKINGTOOHARDONYOURLOLLIPOP ARGH WHAT KIND OF LYRICS ARE THIS GAH GAH GAH.

I kinda like that Any Other World song though. It's not irritating. It's not catchy. It's a nice little ballad with hardly any falsetto; it's a marvellousy emo song, complete with crescendoing strings and even a choir.

Yes, it's a very nice song. I like it.

Of course, right after that song, he had to go back into quirky gay mode, singing about some Billy Brown dude falling in love with another man. However, I hardly ever listened to this song, because right after Every Other World, I'd switch back to Grace Kelly and the whole cycle of four songs would start all over again.

Bloody hell, damn Mika. I swear he's some evil demon plotting to take over the world with his evil-ly catchy songs that spread from one person to another until everyone has the song stuck in their heads and their brains freeze out from being too cheerful while singing his songs. EEEVIIIILLLLL...

Heck, the only way I can neutralise the Mika Effect is by listening to Of Montreal's Hissing Fauna album, but then the songs are so catchy there too but the lyrics are depressing so I get all whimsical and depressed at the same time and need to listen to Mika again to cheer myself up but I get too cheerful and have to listen to Of Montreal again to neutralise it and then I get... GAH GAH GAH

Where's my Wilco CD??? I need to get Mika out of my head!

Oh, and somebody kill me now. PLEASE stab me with that CD cover before I end the post with K-Chinggggggggggggg-A!


Transformers: Awesome Movie, Awful Soundtrack

I watched Transformers in Korea two weeks ago with Rina Omar (who is a big Transformers fan as well), and after the movie, we both agreed that there was only one sucky thing about it - that bloody Linkin Park song at the end.

Come on lar, What I've Done is such a sucky song - so bland and generic - that it doesn't DESERVE to be in the movie in the first place.

Unfortunately, due to Michael Bay not having enough budget to make some new music (I know this becuse he told us personally in Korea), he had to take any music that was available, andthe result is a rather sucky soundtrack album.

Oh, I'm not talking about the SCORE, mind you. That was pretty ok (though I didn't notice much of it during the movie because I was busy Ooh-ing and Ahh-ing at the robots). I'm talking about this damn 'Music Inspired By The Movie" album which is basically insulting Optimus Prime by having his face on its cover:

  1. What I've Done - Linkin Park
  2. DoomsDay Clock - Smashing Pumpkins
  3. This Moment - Disturbed
  4. Before It's Too Late (Sam and Mikaela's Theme) - Goo Goo Dolls
  5. Pretty Handsome Awkward - The Used
  6. Passion's Killing Floor - HIM
  7. What It Feels Like To Be A Ghost? - Taking Back Sunday
  8. Second To None - Styles Of Beyond (feat. Mike Shinoda)
  9. End Of The World - Armor For Sleep
  10. Retina And The Sky - Idiot Pilot
  11. Technical Difficulties - Julien-K
  12. Transformers Theme - Mutemath

At first, looking at the tracklist, I thought, "Hmmm, got Smashing Pumpkins, got Goo Goo Dolls, two of my favorite bands... Wah, got the Transformers theme also, must be good soundtrack!"

Unfortunately, the Smashing Pumpkins and Goo Goo Dolls songs were the ONLY things that were decent about this album, and even that's stretching it because the two songs are not even close to the bands' best songs.

I suppose I should have guessed how bad the album would be when I saw Linkin Park AND Mike Shinoda having a song each in there. The rest of the songs are pretty unmemorable as well, and none of them stood out even after I listened to the album a couple of times.

And the Transformers Theme by Mutemath (who the hell are these guys anyway?) is just plain godawful HORRIBLE. The only thing decent about it was the first familiar verses "TRANSFORMERS!! MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE" before it turned into some weird synth pop pseudo rock emo shit that is even worst than the original cartoon's opening credits (which is pure cheesy 80's cartoon theme music, the way it should be!)

You want a REAL Transformers Theme that sounds REAL cool? Go check out the soundtrack of the ORIGINAL Transformers G1 animated movie.

You know, the one with the 'You've got The touch, You've got the power..." song, and that rocking 80's rock version of the theme by this band called 'Lion' (which is a marginally better name than 'Mutemath', but not by much).

Now THAT is a Transformers song done right. Go Stan Bush!

PS. Just leave out Weird Al Yankovic next time, ok?

Monday, 25 June 2007

The Attack of the Plastic Robots on Cineleisure

Robotcon 2007 is over, and it was a real blast. I especially got a kick out of seeing for the first time, all the generations of Transformers toys in one venue, some of which I had never ever seen in person before.

Anyway, I'm not gonna post EVERYTHING I saw in the exhibition, just the more unique ones, like....

LEGO Transformers that actually transform!!!

Cool repaints!

Extremely Rare and Exclusive Transformers!

Three awesome and gigantic versions of Fortress Maximus! (Fort Max, Grand Max & Brave Max)

Dinobots! Omega Supreme! Sky Lynx!

Predaking! Superion! Bruticus!!!

The World's Largest OFFICIALLY LICENSED Optimus Prime!

And of course, last but not least, my personal collection of Binaltech Transformers, based on real life vehicles!

So there you go. If you weren't there last three days, THAT was what you missed - the most awesome, comprehensive and biggest exhibition of Transformers toys ever in Malaysia!!!

Three Years Eyes Wide Open on Everything

Oh geez. With all the excitement I had over Robotcon 2007 (which was a BLAST, BTW), I completely forgot that 19 June was actually the THIRD ANNIVERSARY of this blog!!!


Wah, to tell the truth, I never expected this blog to last this long. Three years woi, that's even longer than Kennysia (though my collective total number of hits over the past three years only amounts to one or two weeks of his... sien).

Anyway, I don't have anything special planned this year. Maybe later. I'm busy now leh. Plus there's the TRANSFORMERS premiere to look forward to this Wednesday! WOOHOO!!!!

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Book Review: The Children of Húrin (J.R.R. Tolkien)

Let's take a short break from gushing over Transformers (even though I have a lot of picures from Robotcon 2007 to show off!), to bring you a long-delayed Hopefully-Weekly-Book-Review.

And I promise I won't use the word 'predictable' this time. Not much anyway. Hehe.


Title: The Children of Húrin
Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
(kononnya lah. I wonder how much Christopher Tolkien actually wrote in his father's stead)

This is the first complete book by J.R.R. Tolkien in three decades since the publication of The Silmarillion in 1977. The Children of Hurin, begun in 1918, was one of three 'Great Tales' J.R.R. Tolkien worked on throughout his life, though he never realized his ambition to see it published.

It tell the tragic story of Túrin and Niënor, the children of Húrin, the lord of Dor-lómin, who achieved renown for having confronted Morgoth, who was the master of Sauron, the manifestation of evil in the Lord of the Rings. The lengthy and fatiguing battle against Morgoth forms the backdrop for the moving account of the life of Húrin's eldest son, Túrin, a valiant but proud warrior whose all too human frailties augur an unhappy end.

What I Liked:
  • It's TOLKIEN!
  • Easier to read than Silmarillion, and even LOTR (Well, it was for ME!)
  • At least it didn't have 300 pages of Hobbits walking, singing and partying all the time
  • I loved reading and remembering all those familiar names... it was like meeting old friends once again...

What I Didn't Like:
  • Wahlau, why all these pre-LOTR stories all damn tragic and depressing wan...
  • Sometimes the language is still a bit archaic and dry (but still easier to read than LOTR)
  • I was cheated into thinking there was more to the story at the end of it because there was a lot of pages left, but it turned out to be the damn appendix.
I actually finished this book quite fast, partly because it had been so long since I'd read a Middle-Earth story, and dropped eveyrthing else to read this book first; and partly because compared to The Silmarillion, Lost Tales and LOTR itself, this was a walk in the park, really.

The story is standard Tolkien stuff. I especially like Morgoth as a villain more than Sauron, and having him as the main villain was quite cool. The plot is tragic as usual, those familiar with the Beren/Luthien story in Silmarillion might find this all too familiar... tragedy and lamenting-wise I mean.

But really, I was just glad to have something out of Middle-Earth to read after so long (that reminds me, it's time to reread LOTR again). Though this was entertaing and depressing at the same time, it was still a welcome return to Middle Earth, and read about elves, dwarves, dragons, and evil dark lords once again.

Remembering words and names like Valar, Galadriel, Fingolfin, Glorfindel, Beren, Luthien, Thingol, and so on really made me want to go read LOTR again (and watch the movies too, for the 20th time. hehehe).

All in all, a pretty decent read. Just don't expect it to change your life like LOTR did lor...

Friday, 22 June 2007

Generations of Autobots Converge on Cineleisure

Robotcon 2007 is up and running, and here's a quick look at what you can see there!

A giant Optimus Prime!

A genuine G1 Fortress Maximus!

Dinobots! Omega Supreme!

They even have that Left Shoe Optimus Prime there, and a whole lot more! Ever wondered how many generations of Transformers there are? Well, we've got Armada, Energon, Cybertron, G1, G2, Beast Wars, Alternators, Binaltech, Masterpieces, Robots in Disguise, and even the movie figures on display!

So if you're a real Transformer fan, roll on over to Robotcon 2007 NOW!

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Sore That Meets The Eye

Don't like the Transformers movie designs?
Hate Michael Bay for ruining your childhood?
Think the movie Optimus Prime is ugly?

Well, you ain't seen nothing yet. Take a look at what they're planning to do with the NEW CARTOON Transformers....

Now THAT is one ugly ass Optimus Prime...

Oh, and remember, Robotcon 2007 starts TOMORROW! And my collection of Binaltech/Alternators are gonna be on display! Woot woot!

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Shu Qi and Megan Fox Occupy The Busy Eye

Two countries in two weeks.
Two press conference in two weeks.
Two hot babes in two weeks.

Hubba hubba.
Drool drool.

Ok, back to work!

Friday, 15 June 2007

How To Review a Book Without Getting Complaints: An Expert Guide

That WAS an interesting issue isn't it? In the end of the day, it was a matter of a reviewer's personal opinion vs a man defending his 'baby'. To each his own, I say.

Anyway, if you do't understand what the hell I'm talking about.... I'm not about to explain it here. Yeah. I malas.

And without further ado, I present to you this expert guide on..


How To Review a Book Without Getting Complaints

  1. Give a detailed description of what's on the book cover - the fonts used, the colours, the graphics. Don't try to guess what it means though. Maybe the author just liked the pretty colours.
  2. Don't try to guess the genre of the book, because you might not like it. If the title says The Romance of Chicky Little with a Pontianak, don't assume its a cheesy horror fairytale story. It might be a romance novel, ok!
  3. Type out the synopsis on the back of the book word for word so you don't get the story or context of the book's plot (and devices) wrong.
  4. Type out the author's biography word for word so you won't get his age and nationality wrong
  5. To butter up your review, add a few lines about the titles of his past books (this can be obtained from the biography too, usually), and add the ISBN numbers to spice things up a little (nothign like a couple of numbers to spice things up, eh?)
  6. Now, remember to write your review using only superlatives contained within the glowing testimonials that are on the jacket of the book (That way you can defend yourself when people question the words you use in the review)
  7. And above all... whatever you do... DON'T EVER, EVER READ THE BOOK, because that might force you to form personal opinions about the book itself, and that opinion might actually clash (shock! horror!) with that of the author's intentions!

This has been a friendly public service announcement and a weak attempt to be sarcastic, brought to you by an irrelevant anonymous blogger, and has nothing to do whatsoever with a certain book reviewer. Right. Sekian terima kasih.

Thursday, 14 June 2007

The Seoul Story: The South Big Door Market

Ok, enough Tranformers for now. Lots of time for that later, since the movie is only opening on 28 June. So... back to my (short) adventure in Seoul.

Remember that picture of that old-looking gate I posted two posts below? (yes, before the whole 7-year-old gushing over Transformers. Which is still AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME BTW).

No? Well, here it is again:

That's the Seoul Sungnyemun, otherwise known as the Namdaemun, otherwise known as the Great South Gate (or in literal Chinese translation, the Big South Door).

I'm too lazy to retype the whole history of the door, so go read it yourself in this picture I took of the plaque:

Now, this gate is cool because it's right smack in the middle of the city, surrounded by modern buildings (the Samsung HQ is somewhere near also I think, which makes for quite a cool sight, really.

And I especially like the Dragon that is painted in the ceiling under the archway:

Anyway, nearby this historic gate is another gateway, another Namdaemun:

The Namdaemun Market!

You can get a whole lot of stuff here, but mostly clothes, shoes, souvenirs, korean food (that means Kimchi, seaweed, ginseng etc) and all sorts of funny little trinkets. If you're feeling brave, you can even try some live octopus.

Think Jalan Petaling, but with more kimchi.

Unfortunately, because I stupidly forgot to bring my camera on that trip to the market at night, I have no pictures.

But maybe later I'll show you the pictures of the kimchi chocolate I bought.

Kimchi WHAT you say?

Yes, kimchi chocolate. With all the natural goodness of chocolate AND kimchi! Tastes like chocolate at first, but with a kimchi after taste!


Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Bay Transforms Awesome Autobots and Devilish Decepticons

Not a review.
Besides Michael Bay of course.
Who still sucks, but not so much now.
Because this movie is AWESOME!!!!
From the first voice narration to the end...
No Pearl Harbour/The Island shit
(Well, ALMOST all the way. About 80% I think)
Loads of GIANT ROBOTS kicking each others' asses,
And of course... The TRANSFORMING!
IT'S THE TRANSFORMERS come to life!!!!!!
US Military... BLACK 'EM OUT! YEAH!!!!
Puny meat creatures! KILL EM ALL!!!
Story? What story?
WHO CARES about the story?
It's a movie about GIANT FUCKING ROBOTS lar...
And based on a toyline and cartoons...
You want a 'story' go watch some Hungarian art film or something.
Most of THIS movie was just BIFF! CRASH! CRUNCH! BOOM! anyway.
A bit messy though.
But if you recognise all the Transformers should be no problem.
If you don't... then all you'll see is a mass of metal crunching.
But at least the robots damn cool!

Actors? What actors?
Oh. Shia was ok.
Megan was HOT (in person too)
Michael Bay suprisingly cool to talk to in person.
But WHO CARES about the actors?
The REAL stars are the ROBOTS!
HUGO WEAVING... ok la, not bad also. Quite evil.
So what if it's not like G1?
So what if they look like Aliens?
Whole movie was filled with WHOA moments.
WHOA! He said that in the cartoon movie!
WHOA! Megatron SO EVIL!
And so many nostalgic goosebumps can die.
It's like.. it's like... my childhood came to life!
I felt like a kid again.
If you truly love the Transformers
And not JUST the G1 stuff,
Then you'll love this.
I know I did.
I wanted to watch the movie again IMMEDIATELY after the movie
(and to buy ALL the toys, but then I no money sien)

PS: The movie opens in Malaysia on 28 JUNE, and also, don't forget the special Transformers convention ROBOTCON 2007 on 22-24 June at Cineleisure Damansara!

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

The Seoul Story: How to Almost Miss a Flight (The Dumbass Guide)

Yes, I'm back from Korea. Which is cool, considering I nearly didn't make it there in the first place. Why? Well, I shall now teach you how to ALMOST miss a flight...

How To ALMOST Miss a Flight: A Dumbass Guide
  1. Get confirmation of flight: One O'Clock on Sunday
  2. Get airplane ticket one week before flight
  3. Keep it aside and concentrate on meeting deadlines.
  4. On Saturday night, go finish off some more work, then go makan.
  5. Get call at 10pm on Saturday, "eh, where are you? I'm at airport oledi."
  6. Panic and go "WHAT????!!??? IT'S ONE F**KING A.M ., not P.M.???!!????"
  7. Mad dash to car, drive home as fast as possible.
  8. Call taxi company while driving (with handsfree lar, I responsible wan mar), and get them to go to house at 11pm, ten minutes AFTER I'd have arrived home
  9. Arrive home
  10. Frantically find a bag, any bag
  11. Throw clothes and stuff into bag and close it. Packed in record time.
  12. Go look for passport.
  13. 10:55pm, taxi's almost here. CAN'T FIND PASSPORT
  14. 11pm, taxi's here, STILL CAN'T FIND PASSPORT
  15. Turn room upside down.
  16. Finally see passport sitting prettily on the shelf ABOVE the one it was supposed to be on and which I stupidly didn't check.
  17. Take passport, lock up house, rush to taxi.
  18. Taxi driver a bit mad, 140km all the way. I scare.
  19. Reach airport just in time at 12:15am, one hour to spare.
  20. Check in.

So yeah, I nearly missed the flight that night. Note to self: ALWAYS check the time on the ticket.

Anyway, I'm back now. Damn tired. And no mood to write the Movie-Not-Review on Transformers. Tomorrow lah. I want to go sleep now. ta!

PS: Funnily enough, when I went there on a MAS/Korean Air joint flight, we had a Korean Air plane, Korean Air crew, but MAS food. And just now when coming back, we had a MAS plane, MAS flight, and Korean Air food....

Monday, 11 June 2007

Annyeonghaseyo, Optimus Prime!

Annyeonghaseyo!!! (Pardon my Korean)

Yes, I'm in Seoul.

Internet bloody expensive. So can't talk much.

Just wanted to say...


(Yes, I've seen it. First in the world to officially watch it, babeh! BUAHAHAHA! Movie-Not-Review when I get back)

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Shitty Potatoes Lead the Optimus Prime Charge

Okok, it's the end of Optimus Prime Week on EoE, so lets wrap this up shall we? I'm getting sick of taking all these pictures, plus I can't walk around my room without stepping on one of my Optimus' guns or trailers now...

For the final post of Optimus Prime Week, I present to you...


The Charge of the Optimus Primes!!

Friday, 8 June 2007

Surfing Up the Chicken on a Penguin Board

Surf's Up.
Not a Review.
Not part of Optimus Prime Week either.
Penguins penguins.
Penguins penguins penguins.
Penguins penguins penguins penguins again.
Penguins penguins penguins.
Penguins penguins.
Getting sick of penguins.
Penguins penguins penguins.
And I didn't even watch Happy Feet.
I'll be damned if another penguin movie beats Pixar to the Oscar.
Someone find a new animal to film already.
I don't think they've made a movie about dung beetles yet.
Oh wait, there's a chicken here too.
And at least this movie was ok lah.
An animated mockumentary, good idea.
Story was the usual stuff.
Predictable. (hey, there's that word again)
Macam Karate Kid only.
Small town surfer dude wants to win surf contest.
Sucks at first.
Gets bullied by mean dude.
Meets non-Jap Surfer Mr. Miyagi
Learns the zen of surfing = have. fun.
Goes back and kick mean dude's ass.
No seriously, you consider that a spoiler?
Go watch samore cartoons lah.
At least it didn't seem TOO tired or familiar.
And it was watchable.
Once you get past the idea of penguins with surfboards.
And penguins in the tropics.
And chickens surfing.
Still not as awfully STUPID as male COWS with udders.
Surfing is cool.
I love the whole 'hey, relax dude' laidback attitude.
Not in the actual surfing itself though.
Have no idea what that is about.
The chicken was cool too.
Movie was at least entertaining.
Good, clean, mindless fun.
Nothing more.
It's like, just chill, watch, and forget, ok?
Or go watch it with kids or something.
And ok lah, the baby penguins were cute too.
But Ratatouille better kick this penguin's ass at the Oscars.

Optimus & Optimash, BFF!

See Optimus Prime

See Optimus Prime and his really big gun.

See Optimus Prime strike a pose.

See Optimus Prime show off his robotic muscles.

Optimus Prime is VERY proud of his muscles.

All that posing has made Optimus Prime tired.

Optimus Prime has a best friend. They came out of their boxes at the same time.

His best friend is a potato.