Friday, 1 June 2007

13 Drops of Ocean In a Single Heist

Ocean's 13
Not a Review.
Oh wow, I watched Ocean's 13 on a Friday.
No wonder lah I so bad luck today.
Overheard outside cinema:
"Wah, thirteen movies oledi,
Why they make so many hor!"
Like, duh. Herro.
Heist movies are easy.
It's ALL about the heist, man.
Like, just show them planning the heist,
And then show them executing the heist,
That's all you need to do.
Cut all the romance romance bullshit.
We just want to see them steal stuff!
THAT'S a good heist movie.
Worked for The Italian Job (The original, not the Wahlberg wank)
Worked for the original Ocean's 11.
Worked for Clooney's Ocean's 11
Wasn't that way for Ocean's 12.
So Oceans 12 not good at all.
Ok lar a bit good.
Too many 'heists',
But turned out to be no heist at all.
I only remember it because I keep seeing it on Astro.
All this talk of oceans making me thirsty.
All that water but cannot drink!
Anyway... Oceans 13, yeah.
The heist quite cool.
So the movie was cool.
Dialogue also still quite sharp.
Clooney still making fun of himself.
Some parts a bit WTF though.
Like how the hell they managed to get THAT under THERE???
And how come nobody recognise them wan?
No hot chicks though.
Then again, Ocean's 11 also no hot chicks.
Goofy Smile Roberts is SOOO not hot ok?
At least Catherine Zeta-Jones is.
Ellen Barkin a bit the old lor.
Sagsagsag... pushuppushup... sagsagsag...
Al Pacino sounds a bit whiney.
Everyone else was good though
All the 11 (12?) (13?) (14?) people in the gang was good.
And eveyone had more screentime.
Which was good.
Oh, and poor review guy.
So, 13 is better than 12 but still not as good as 11?
Yeah. Well, at least there wasn't a 1-10.
They would have run out of things to steal by now...

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