Monday, 25 June 2007

The Attack of the Plastic Robots on Cineleisure

Robotcon 2007 is over, and it was a real blast. I especially got a kick out of seeing for the first time, all the generations of Transformers toys in one venue, some of which I had never ever seen in person before.

Anyway, I'm not gonna post EVERYTHING I saw in the exhibition, just the more unique ones, like....

LEGO Transformers that actually transform!!!

Cool repaints!

Extremely Rare and Exclusive Transformers!

Three awesome and gigantic versions of Fortress Maximus! (Fort Max, Grand Max & Brave Max)

Dinobots! Omega Supreme! Sky Lynx!

Predaking! Superion! Bruticus!!!

The World's Largest OFFICIALLY LICENSED Optimus Prime!

And of course, last but not least, my personal collection of Binaltech Transformers, based on real life vehicles!

So there you go. If you weren't there last three days, THAT was what you missed - the most awesome, comprehensive and biggest exhibition of Transformers toys ever in Malaysia!!!

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