Thursday, 28 June 2007

Eyeris and The Cinema Full of Orgasmic Transformers Fans

Yes, two times already.
Tonight watching for third time.
Yes I'm nuts, so sue me. Bleh.
Second time watching lagi best,
This time already expecting the Transformations,
So I can watch CLEARLY how they actually are.
And this time I stopped worrying about whether the movie will suck,
Because I already know the movie rawks,
So I can enjoy it more.
And I can take good look at the awesome robots.
I feel like I did last time,
The first time I watched the Transformers animated movie,
I feel like a kid again...

Last night damn syiok also,
Whole cinema full of rabid Transformers fans.
Some wearing Optimus Prime helmet samore.
Like me. Ahaks.
I love my Optimus Prime helmet.
It rawks.
It makes Transforming sounds,
And it makes my voice sound like Darth Vader.
And Fireangel's voice sound like that evil Galadriel in FOTR.
Whole cinema whole of crazy TF fans.
Clapping, shouting, cheering all the way.
Damn fun.
See one Transformer, all go WHOAA!!!
See him Transform, all go WHOAAA!!!!
See MORE Transformers, all go WHOAAAAAAA!!!!
See Optimus Prime, all start to scream like orgasm only.
See all the Autobots standing together, all pengsan from orgasmic bliss
After movie, all dowan to go home,
All stand around chit chat chit chat,
All want to watch again and again and again and again.
All like become small kids oledi.
Some still standing around looking stunned,
Like cannot believe Michael Bay does not suck (that much).
I can't believe some stupid fans say they want to boycott it.
Kononnya ultimate fan, tapi otak sempit.
I think I better go get the toys I not yet get.
After movie open, sure sell out wan.

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