Thursday, 7 June 2007

How to Transform an Optimus Prime: An Expert Guide (The Movie Edition)

And Optimus Prime Week continues on Eye on Everything!

This time, since Din has been whining about wanting to see the MOVIE version of Optimus Prime being Transformed, and since I always aim to please my readers (eheh), I decided to do just that.

Unfortunately, since the bloody thing had so many steps, I had to take A LOT of pictures. and Now I have a headache. And some of the pix may be blur as a result.

Yes, and my picture-taking sucks. so sue me.

Anyway, let's get on with it shall we?


How to Transform an Optimus Prime: An Expert Guide (The Movie Edition)

First, get yourself a Movie Optimus Prime

(BTW, the toys usually come already in robot mode, but I'm gonna do this backward jsut for the heck of it)

Now that is one powerful looking truck. Gay flames though.

Anyway, remember how he started out transforming in the Movie Trailer? Well, he starts off that way here too:

Then once that's done, you fold his legs down, until you get...

Some weird watchtower-like contraption. Nothing like a robot at all.

Oh well, let's fix that. Open up some parts at the back like this...

And you get ANOTHER weird watch-tower like thingy.

Oh dear, not going well, is this?

Anyway, to fix this, you'll have to fiddle around with the arms and the general top part of the fella (it's too complicated and has too many small moving parts for me to show EVERY single step lar. Plus I'm lazy.), and then eventually you'll get THIS:

Now that's more like it. He's looking more like a macho robot now.

But where's his head? Well, here's the cool part. You press a button on his er... groin, and...

Cool eh? The head automatically slides up, and even has lights and sounds!

So now, we have something that resembles a proper Optimus Prime, except that he is now standing like a girl.

Not cool, not cool at all.

So let's fix it, first by giving him a 'proper' groin:

And then... SPREAD HIS LEGS!!! (Ok, that sounded wrong).

Oh crap, there's still something wrong. Now Optimus has FOUR LEGS:

He looks like a Centaur now.

Oh well, easily remedied by giving him a fat ass instead:

And now for the final touch... give the Bot his GUN!

And taaadahh!!!! I present to you, the Leader class Movie Version OPTIMUS PRIME!!!

Coming up next: Leader Optimus Prime strikes a pose!!!

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Anonymous said...

That is not the Leader Class, that is the Voyager Class.