Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Merry Mika Makes Me Manyak Mad

I don't listen to our bloody radio stations, so I'm pretty much immune to all that "WTF PLEASE STOP OVERPLAYING THAT SONG KILL ME NOW I CAN'T STAND THAT SONG AGAIN" shit.

So I can still stand Mika, even though most people are already finding him very annoying because the radio stations are apparently overplaying his songs. Malaysian radio stations suck. Listen to CDs lar people.

That said, I swear Mika's Love Today is the most cheerfully evil song in the world

Why? Because everytime you hear it it makes you smile stupidly and sing along, and it's freaking annoying because you know you don't want to sing along but then it somehow MAKES you sing along, falsetto and all.

I mean, how can you hear the verse "Everybody's gonna love today gonna love today gonna love today" and not chant along with him like some blody mantra that just sticks inyour mind and makes you ramble on and on about love today love today love today ARGGGGGGGH love today ARGGGGGH stopitstopitstopit GAH it's stuck in my head getitoutgetitout GAAAAAH.

It's evil, pure eeeeeviiiiil I tell you.

That and that bloody Grace Kelly song. It's so annoying catchy and that falsetto chorus is so fun to sing in the car that you just wanna keep playing it over and over again and goddammit get out of my head I'm going crazy I couldbebrownIcouldbeblue IcouldbevioletskARRGGGGH godammit getitoutgetitoutgetitout ARGGGH!!!!

*pant pant*

Right. Then right after that Grace Kelly, he goes into that bloody double-meaning Lollipop song that catches you AGAIN and flings you into a mode of insanity and FORCES you to again smile stupidly, snap your fingers, bob your head and sing along to SUCKINGTOOHARDONYOURLOLLIPOP ARGH WHAT KIND OF LYRICS ARE THIS GAH GAH GAH.

I kinda like that Any Other World song though. It's not irritating. It's not catchy. It's a nice little ballad with hardly any falsetto; it's a marvellousy emo song, complete with crescendoing strings and even a choir.

Yes, it's a very nice song. I like it.

Of course, right after that song, he had to go back into quirky gay mode, singing about some Billy Brown dude falling in love with another man. However, I hardly ever listened to this song, because right after Every Other World, I'd switch back to Grace Kelly and the whole cycle of four songs would start all over again.

Bloody hell, damn Mika. I swear he's some evil demon plotting to take over the world with his evil-ly catchy songs that spread from one person to another until everyone has the song stuck in their heads and their brains freeze out from being too cheerful while singing his songs. EEEVIIIILLLLL...

Heck, the only way I can neutralise the Mika Effect is by listening to Of Montreal's Hissing Fauna album, but then the songs are so catchy there too but the lyrics are depressing so I get all whimsical and depressed at the same time and need to listen to Mika again to cheer myself up but I get too cheerful and have to listen to Of Montreal again to neutralise it and then I get... GAH GAH GAH

Where's my Wilco CD??? I need to get Mika out of my head!

Oh, and somebody kill me now. PLEASE stab me with that CD cover before I end the post with K-Chinggggggggggggg-A!


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