Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Not Exactly Part of Optimus Prime Week But Somewhat Related

This post is not about Optimus Prime, but it's somewhat related to him since it involves a really stupid conversation involving the Transformers theme song that I heard while browsing at Kinokuniya just now....

DUDE 1: (flips magazine) Eh, meh tengok, ada Transformers!
DUDE 2: Fooyor best!
DUDE 1: Ini title, dulu macam lagu dia kan?
DUDE 2: Yeah yeah... ini macam punya: (sings) Transformers, Robot in Dis... dis.. eh apa ini har?
DUDE 1: Disgiss kot.....
DUDE 2: Oh.. (Sings) Transformer, Robot in Disgiss...

It took me a whole lot of willpower to restrain myself from going up to them and smack them silly while screaming, "DIS-GAIS, DIS-GAIS, BUKAN DIS-GISS!".

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