Tuesday, 12 June 2007

The Seoul Story: How to Almost Miss a Flight (The Dumbass Guide)

Yes, I'm back from Korea. Which is cool, considering I nearly didn't make it there in the first place. Why? Well, I shall now teach you how to ALMOST miss a flight...

How To ALMOST Miss a Flight: A Dumbass Guide
  1. Get confirmation of flight: One O'Clock on Sunday
  2. Get airplane ticket one week before flight
  3. Keep it aside and concentrate on meeting deadlines.
  4. On Saturday night, go finish off some more work, then go makan.
  5. Get call at 10pm on Saturday, "eh, where are you? I'm at airport oledi."
  6. Panic and go "WHAT????!!??? IT'S ONE F**KING A.M ., not P.M.???!!????"
  7. Mad dash to car, drive home as fast as possible.
  8. Call taxi company while driving (with handsfree lar, I responsible wan mar), and get them to go to house at 11pm, ten minutes AFTER I'd have arrived home
  9. Arrive home
  10. Frantically find a bag, any bag
  11. Throw clothes and stuff into bag and close it. Packed in record time.
  12. Go look for passport.
  13. 10:55pm, taxi's almost here. CAN'T FIND PASSPORT
  14. 11pm, taxi's here, STILL CAN'T FIND PASSPORT
  15. Turn room upside down.
  16. Finally see passport sitting prettily on the shelf ABOVE the one it was supposed to be on and which I stupidly didn't check.
  17. Take passport, lock up house, rush to taxi.
  18. Taxi driver a bit mad, 140km all the way. I scare.
  19. Reach airport just in time at 12:15am, one hour to spare.
  20. Check in.

So yeah, I nearly missed the flight that night. Note to self: ALWAYS check the time on the ticket.

Anyway, I'm back now. Damn tired. And no mood to write the Movie-Not-Review on Transformers. Tomorrow lah. I want to go sleep now. ta!

PS: Funnily enough, when I went there on a MAS/Korean Air joint flight, we had a Korean Air plane, Korean Air crew, but MAS food. And just now when coming back, we had a MAS plane, MAS flight, and Korean Air food....

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