Friday, 8 June 2007

Surfing Up the Chicken on a Penguin Board

Surf's Up.
Not a Review.
Not part of Optimus Prime Week either.
Penguins penguins.
Penguins penguins penguins.
Penguins penguins penguins penguins again.
Penguins penguins penguins.
Penguins penguins.
Getting sick of penguins.
Penguins penguins penguins.
And I didn't even watch Happy Feet.
I'll be damned if another penguin movie beats Pixar to the Oscar.
Someone find a new animal to film already.
I don't think they've made a movie about dung beetles yet.
Oh wait, there's a chicken here too.
And at least this movie was ok lah.
An animated mockumentary, good idea.
Story was the usual stuff.
Predictable. (hey, there's that word again)
Macam Karate Kid only.
Small town surfer dude wants to win surf contest.
Sucks at first.
Gets bullied by mean dude.
Meets non-Jap Surfer Mr. Miyagi
Learns the zen of surfing = have. fun.
Goes back and kick mean dude's ass.
No seriously, you consider that a spoiler?
Go watch samore cartoons lah.
At least it didn't seem TOO tired or familiar.
And it was watchable.
Once you get past the idea of penguins with surfboards.
And penguins in the tropics.
And chickens surfing.
Still not as awfully STUPID as male COWS with udders.
Surfing is cool.
I love the whole 'hey, relax dude' laidback attitude.
Not in the actual surfing itself though.
Have no idea what that is about.
The chicken was cool too.
Movie was at least entertaining.
Good, clean, mindless fun.
Nothing more.
It's like, just chill, watch, and forget, ok?
Or go watch it with kids or something.
And ok lah, the baby penguins were cute too.
But Ratatouille better kick this penguin's ass at the Oscars.

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