Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Transformers: Awesome Movie, Awful Soundtrack

I watched Transformers in Korea two weeks ago with Rina Omar (who is a big Transformers fan as well), and after the movie, we both agreed that there was only one sucky thing about it - that bloody Linkin Park song at the end.

Come on lar, What I've Done is such a sucky song - so bland and generic - that it doesn't DESERVE to be in the movie in the first place.

Unfortunately, due to Michael Bay not having enough budget to make some new music (I know this becuse he told us personally in Korea), he had to take any music that was available, andthe result is a rather sucky soundtrack album.

Oh, I'm not talking about the SCORE, mind you. That was pretty ok (though I didn't notice much of it during the movie because I was busy Ooh-ing and Ahh-ing at the robots). I'm talking about this damn 'Music Inspired By The Movie" album which is basically insulting Optimus Prime by having his face on its cover:

  1. What I've Done - Linkin Park
  2. DoomsDay Clock - Smashing Pumpkins
  3. This Moment - Disturbed
  4. Before It's Too Late (Sam and Mikaela's Theme) - Goo Goo Dolls
  5. Pretty Handsome Awkward - The Used
  6. Passion's Killing Floor - HIM
  7. What It Feels Like To Be A Ghost? - Taking Back Sunday
  8. Second To None - Styles Of Beyond (feat. Mike Shinoda)
  9. End Of The World - Armor For Sleep
  10. Retina And The Sky - Idiot Pilot
  11. Technical Difficulties - Julien-K
  12. Transformers Theme - Mutemath

At first, looking at the tracklist, I thought, "Hmmm, got Smashing Pumpkins, got Goo Goo Dolls, two of my favorite bands... Wah, got the Transformers theme also, must be good soundtrack!"

Unfortunately, the Smashing Pumpkins and Goo Goo Dolls songs were the ONLY things that were decent about this album, and even that's stretching it because the two songs are not even close to the bands' best songs.

I suppose I should have guessed how bad the album would be when I saw Linkin Park AND Mike Shinoda having a song each in there. The rest of the songs are pretty unmemorable as well, and none of them stood out even after I listened to the album a couple of times.

And the Transformers Theme by Mutemath (who the hell are these guys anyway?) is just plain godawful HORRIBLE. The only thing decent about it was the first familiar verses "TRANSFORMERS!! MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE" before it turned into some weird synth pop pseudo rock emo shit that is even worst than the original cartoon's opening credits (which is pure cheesy 80's cartoon theme music, the way it should be!)

You want a REAL Transformers Theme that sounds REAL cool? Go check out the soundtrack of the ORIGINAL Transformers G1 animated movie.

You know, the one with the 'You've got The touch, You've got the power..." song, and that rocking 80's rock version of the theme by this band called 'Lion' (which is a marginally better name than 'Mutemath', but not by much).

Now THAT is a Transformers song done right. Go Stan Bush!

PS. Just leave out Weird Al Yankovic next time, ok?

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