Wednesday, 11 July 2007

A Celebration of Future Coffee Overdoses

Coffee overdose right now. Already had one cup of coffee this morning, then just now after lunch I bought a two-shot espresso Carmel-By-The-Sea from San Francisco Coffee, and now my eye is twitching because I think I drank it too quickly.

Ysterday I heard the best news ever in my recent coffee-drinking career (ceh wah, career kononnya):

SF Coffee is opening a branch in CP Tower, just next door to my office!!!!! YAY!!!!

*Jumps around*
*Waves flags*
*One-hand Mexican wave*

Yay, now I don't have to drive to Ampang Point or KLCC to get my regular supply of coffee beans, I can just walk across the road and get them. And I can get them to deliver the coffee to my office too! Woohoo!

Oh, BTW. it's San Francisco Coffee's 10th anniversary this year.

Yes, TEN YEARS. So long already hor? When I first started buying coffee from them 6-7 years ago, they only had a few branches here and there. Now they've got branches in Japan, Hong Kong, Phillipines and Singapore. Not bad for a franchise that started out in Malaysia, huh?

Anyway, their coffee is still better than anything the OTHER coffee franchises come up with. Meaning their drinks actually taste like COFFEE, unlike the coffee-flavoured sugar water/ice drinks served at a certain coffee place that a certain kid-bullying blogger likes.

So, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of my favorite coffee place, let's all sing the Eyeris Coffee Song!!!!

Coffee... I like to drink, COFFEE!!!
La La La...


Anyway, apparently there's gonna be some big Merdeka thingy happening in SFC, and one of the prizes is gonna be TWO YEARS FREE COFFEE. I want.
Oh, I also saw them havink some kind of Merdeka celebration gift pack with some special Heritage Blend coffee beans (not bad actually, not too strong either), a shotglass (which I kinda like, though I'd probably use it for vodka instead of espresso...) and a mug (a really big one) I think.

Yes, the Orang-Utan is for sale also. Quite cute actually. Especially if you stuff it in a mug...

PS: No, I'm not paid to write this post. I just like the coffee there. Hehe.

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