Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Hairy Putter and The Unusual Turn of Events

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Ok, let's take a break from Transformers for a while, and come back to it later (I got a post on some movie merchandise I wanna post later hehehehe.)

So. Now what? Why Hairy Putter, of course.

July is the month of Potties, as the movie is coming out next week I think; and the last book is coming out also on July 21.

Now, it is my honest and personal opinion that Harry Potter is one of the strangest franchises in pop culture history.

The first three books (before Rowling decided her writing was too good to be edited) were actually really good reads - addictive, entertaining and fun at the same time.

The last three books however have been monotonous bores with a story that could and should have been pubilshed in half the number of pages, instead of the dictionary-like 100000 pages that they turned out to be.

Now, let's take a look at the movies then. The first two, directed by Chris Coloumbus, were plain boring and suffered from trying to stay TOO true to the books (and failing miserably). The third, directed by Alfonso Cuaron, was a lot better, and is still, IMHO, the best one of the lot (loved the ending).

Which brings us to the Goblet of Fire and the upcoming Order of the Phoenix. If the directors of these films had decided to go the Colombus route and stayed through to the book, we'd have a 12-hour bore that had nothing but Hogwarts kids sitting around eating and whining.

Fortunately, Goblet of Fire was actually pretty entertaining, and judging by early reviews of Order of the Phoenix, that one is pretty decent also.

So now, we have the strange situation of a franchise that started out well as books but had sucky movies; but has gradually turned out to have some pretty ok movies that are based on sucky books.

And now that Rowling-In-It is finally ending the series (kononnya lar, I bet she'll write another one, a prequel or something set in the same 'universe'), I find myself increasingly uninterested in the book, and more fascinated in how the movies will pan out.

After all, after the rather boring and uninspiringly messy Half-Blood Prince, and the way it ended (which makes me think that the last book will be some kind of quest to get all the Horcrux's or whatever they are called, and nothing more), I reckon she's right to finish it off at seven. Heck, I'm even hoping she DOES have the guts to kill of Harry Potter himself, just so we KNOW that it's the end for sure (well, maybe).

So, why am I talking about Harry Potter all of a sudden? Well, because I'm gonna be watching Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix TOMORROW. BUAHAHAHAHA!

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