Thursday, 5 July 2007

Harry Potter and The Movie that is Better Than The Book

Harry Potter 5
The Order of the Phoenix.
Not a review.
A few MINOR MINOR spoilers though.
Nothing that would spoil the movie for you.
Besides, haven't you read the book already?
Movie better than the book.
WAAAAY better than the book actually.
But that's still not saying much.
Since the book wasn't very good in the first place.
But yeah, go David Yates.
Took best parts of the book and put it in here.
Got rid of all the 10000 pages of unecessary scenes that Rowling had,
Which she left in because she kononnya no need an editor.
But the movie still a bit so-so only.
Because the story in the book was blah in the first place.
After watching this, you'll regret you wasted your time reading the book.
I can't remember a single thing about the book.
Except that Harry shouted a lot.
He shouts a lot here too.
So angry, tsk tsk.
Wizards these days.

Now I know what's been missing from the series so far.
A good old wizard-on-wizard smackdown.
Made for a kickass ending.
Too bad about the beginning and the middle though.
Talk talk talk, shout shout shout.
Walk walk walk.
Talk talk talk samore.
Let's form an army yeah!
Train train train.
Get on with it already.
Shout shout shout
Boo Umbridge Boo hisss boo.
Fight fight fight.
What was that round thing for again?
Don't remember anything else about the movie.
Yeah. Really.
Can only remember the characters, not the scenes.

Umbridge damn Annoying Annoying Annoying.
Wanted to stand up and throw coffee cup at the screen,
Kept thinking, "Somebody crucio her already!"
Because couldn't tahan her squeaky voice and laugh.
And that condescending attitude.
She's actually a more despicable villain than Voldemort.
She reminds me of my secondary school teachers.
Ministry of Magic reminds me of our gomen. Eheh.
I liked Lovegood though
She was good. Loved her.
Very floaty floaty.
Reminds me of Delirium.
Poor Cho Chang.
Twins rock.
Ron and Hermione a bit diketepikan though.
Helena Bonham Carter rocks.
Snape rules.
Voldemort in a suit is creepy.
This movie proves my theory.
That the books are getting suckier
But the movies are getting better.
If you not yet read the book, don't bother.
Go watch the movie better.
You'll waste less time.
No, really.
Or go watch Transformers. Again.

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