Friday, 20 July 2007

Protesting Bookstores and Potty Suckers

Before I start the post, here is a public service announcement:

This post is a SPOILER FREE ZONE, and... ALL YOU




Anyway... I was going through PPS today and saw this title in one of the pings: What! No Harry Potter being sold at the big 4?

Hmmm... intriguing. So, apparently MPH, Times, Popular and Harris won't be selling Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows because some stupid hypermarkets are selling it at RM69.90 even though the retail price is supposed to be RM109.90.

Bookstore chains refuse to sell Potter book

Four major bookstore chains -- MPH, Popular, Harris and Times -- have confirmed they will not sell Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows in protest against selected hypermarkets being given hefty discounts to sell the book.

Hmmmm... intriguing. I have to say, I'm really admire their stand on this. After all, the Hairy Putter book is probably gonna be THE biggest bestseller this year, and they stand to lose A LOT by not selling it. (more on this subject below)

I wonder why Borders and Kinokuniya never follow suit also? Then again, those two stores probably have invested way too much money in the marketing of the book to pull out now. After all, look at what Kinokuniya had in The Star today:

How to get your free copy

Not only are they telling you that you have to be the first 13 people to get there, they are ALSO telling buyers that the KLCC doors ONLY OPEN AT 5am so all you SUCKERS who want a free book or JK Rowling-in-it's signature so BADLY can go camp outside the carpark RIGHT NOW because if you wait until 5am only go there SURE got a lot of KIASU Potty Harrers lining up there already.

Me? Well, OF COURSE I'm gonna read it. It's ME - the Kiasu Hype Sucker - after all, and besides, I reckon I better read it ASAP before all those spoilers start showing up....

However, I'll be damned if I'm gonna pay bloody RM100 for the damn book or line up at 5am just to get the damn thing.


UPDATE: 10:43pm

I suppose I really should elaborate more on the subject, judging from the first comment I got...

I actually support the bookstores whole heartedly. In fact, I think that someone should step in and stop the hypermarkets from undercutting the prices of their books by such a high margin.

The reason Carrefour and Tesco can sell stuff at such low prices is because they buy things in bulk; AND they don't rely on the books to survive.

Selling the books at such a drastically low price will affect bookstores which operate at a much higher cost, and RELY on the sale of the books to survive.

In the end, if this goes on, the bookstores won't be able to sell their stock, and result in them running at a loss, and eventually, shutting down operations.

At least that's MY take on it. anyone care to elaborate further?


UPDATE: 1am, 21 July

Of course, after all I've said, I'm not buying this book anyway, so what the hell am I complaining about right? Hehe.

Besides, the only reason the whole broohaha came up is because it's Harry Bloody Potter, and suckers are buying into the hype and willing to fork out RM109.90 for the hardcover version.

You think Tesco and Carrefour would sell other hardcovers for THAT cheap a price ar (or even any hardcovers at all), if it wasn't a sure-fire guarantee that their stock would habis within a week?

Anyway, after all this blows over, we can all go back to Tesco and buy cheap beer...

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