Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Jazzing up a Barricade for an Unopened Bumblebee

Someone once asked me, Why did you only buy the Optimus Prime movie action figure, and not the rest as well?

Well, actually I DID buy the rest, in fact, I bought almost the entire set of figures from the movie, except for some stupid drones and that leader class Megatron Rainbow Monkey.

So, let's go through some of the stuff I got, shall we? First up, I'll show you the sports cars:

Yup, that's the Barricade, Bumblebee and Jazz deluxe action figures, in car mode of course. Barricade is the Ford Saleen police car, Bumblebee is a classic Camaro, and Jazz is a Pontiac Solstice.

And here Jazz and Barricade in robot form:

While I'm not exactly fond of Jazz, I love Barricade. He's probably one of the coolest figures in the entire line. Check out the detail paint job on the car:

And look what comes out of his chest!

Anyway, here's Bumblebee and Barricade having a not-so-giant robot twin deathmatch:

Ah, but wait, the best sports car is not any of these three dudes. It's this one:

Yup, introducing the upgraded Bumblebee, based on Concept Camaro that hasn't even been released in the market yet. The toy is probably one of the most movie accurate ones in the entire line, and the car and robot modes are just so cool.

Heck, it's so cool that I bought two of them and kept one unopened (partly also because I've been playing with the opened one so much that some of the joints are beginning to pop off, and I wanted to keep a spare around... :P )

And here's the new Bumblebee next to the more classic 'piece of junk' Camaro.

The new Bumblebee is one of the most sought after figures in the entire line. From a usual retail price of RM49.90, the price for one of these has shot up to almost RM200 in some cut-throat stores.

People have been fighting over these in stores and even visiting Toys R Us stores all over the place, buying in bulk so they can sell them off to desperate suckers for cut-throat prices.

Yup, you'd think the business of buying toys would be damn innocent, but no, there are loads of unscrupulous people out there looking to make a quick buck from the high demand of certain toys. We hates them, we do...

Anyway, that's it for the sports cars. Next time around, I'll show you some trucks... :D

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