Monday, 13 August 2007

Making up a Made-up Post about Makeup

How do you make up a post about makeup?
When all you know about makeup is made up?
Some girls look nice with makeup.
Some girls look nice without makeup.
Like FA, who made me make up a made-up post about makeup.
Clowns look white with makeup.
So do makeupfish but I just made that up.
How do they make makeup anyway?
They make a make of a makeup set.
Then they make girls buy it,
By telling them that boys won't make out with them if they don't makeup.
But anyway, sometimes makeup is nice.
Lemme rephrase: sometimes some makeup is nice.
Too much make-up makes you look made up.
Not me though, I don't do makeup
I just make up posts about makeup
I donno how to makeup but I know how to make out.
Making out is more fun than making up,
But sometimes the making up makes making out better.
Hey I was wrong, you CAN make up something about makeup.
Even though its a made-up post it is still about makeup.
So girls, make up your mind.
Makeup so you can make out.
But don't makeup until he thinks you're made up.