Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Mixed-Up Cut-Ups Screw Up Knocked Up

Knocked Up.
Not a Review.
Screwed up,
Messed up,
F**ked up.
Mixed up.
But quite funny.
Though not as funny as the reviews made it up to be.
Maybe it's too American for me.
Or maybe it's all that censorship.
Because there was more swearing than a post in Fireangelism.
Must get the DVD to listen to all that swearing.
Still, certain parts quite funny.
Damn a lot of referencing TV and movies.
The studio must be running low on the budget for advertising.
They had to use one of their own movies as commercial time.
A lot of cameos also.
Ryan Seacrest, Steve Carrell, James Franco, Eva Mendes etc etc E!!!!!

Katherine Heigl very very hot.
Well, in her not-so-obviously pregnant state.
Seth Rogen also quite funny.
Though sometimes his goofy laugh can be damn annoying.
But not as annoying as her sister.
His friends quite funny though.
And the bouncer was hilarious.
Some of the lines were brilliant too.
But so many lines got cut.
hough they DID miss a few words.
And they allowed words like vagina, penis, dick, ass...
and shmashmortion.
Which is an awesome sounding word, BTW.
Anyway, I think I'll get the DVD.
I think I'd enjoy it more that way.
And laugh a lot more too.
Just like I did with 40-year-old Virgin.
Watching in cinemas here is like playing GUESS MY LINE!
Except it's more like GUESS THE PUNCHLINE!
Sometimes I got bored and just stared at my balls.
Ok maybe not.

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