Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Stardust: Of Fallen Stars, Sexy Witches and a Missing 'R'

IMHO, I think it is a tragedy that there has not been enough hype about Stardust, a movie I'm actually quite excited about, especially since it's based on one of my favorite Neil Gaiman novels, and is IMHO one of the few modern stories that can rightfully be called a fairytale of the old traditional mould.

So let's have a post about Stardust, shall we? After all - witches, stars, feuding princes, unicorns, flying ships... what more can one ask for?

Stardust is a novel about this dude called Tristran (with an R) who is trying to win the heart of a girl in his village, and decides to cross The Wall to the fairy kingdom to retrieve a fallen star and prove his love. Little does he know, the Star actually turns out to look like Mrs. John Conner, and there are other people after the Star as well, including some scheming princes, and a witch that looks mysteriously like Catwoman.

Now, most reviews have been pretty positive about the movie so far, and even Gaiman thinks it's cool. So yeah, I can't wait to see it.

I do have some questions though. Like how did Tristran get from this:


And lose an 'R' in the process to become TrisTAN?

Claire Danes looks good as the Star though, even though doesn't quite look like how Charles Vess drew her:

And I have to say Michelle Pfeiffer definitely looks good as a witch though:

Yummiest witch ever, at least until Emma Watson grows up.

Although she should definitely get someone to pimp her ride though:

Oh dear.

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