Thursday, 2 August 2007

Perfect Pixar Cooks up Well-Done Ratty Vege Dish

Not a review.
I loved it.
I love Pixar.
Pixar ROCKS.
Do I sound too bias here?
Anyway, very nice little movie,
I loved it. It was lover-ly.
Never knew a rat could be so cute and cuddly.
And no, Ratatoiuille is not the rat's name.
And it's not a dish made out of rats either.
It's a traditional French Vege Dish.
Lots of gorgeous looking food,
Make me hungry only.
Characters very nice,
Even though sometimes the rats damn geli.
Imagine if the movie was set in KL,
and Linguini was a roti canai apprentice.
All sorts of possibilities arise.
And they wouldn't have to do a lot of research.
Just sit in a mamak stall and watch the drains.
Yeah, Ratatouille is a perfect little film,
So nice, so smooth, so cute, so lovely.

Lovely is the word.
Been ages since I've seen a cartoon like this,
One that made you just WATCH and not contemplate anything.
Just try to get past the rat-induced gag reflex,
And you'll see that this is actually a damn nice movie.
It's the kind of movie I used to love,
Before all those pretenders came out,
Making cartoons with so called big names,
Trying so hard to make people laugh.
Some cartoons just wanna make people laugh.
This one makes you wanna eat, feel, AND laugh.
It's not overblown or flashy or tries too hard,
It proves you don't need BIG STARS to make a movie.
You just need lots of heart,
And a good appetite.
If you rated movies like a steak,
Shrek 3 is bloody lousily undercooked,
Surf's Up was so-so medium rare,
And Ratatouille is well-done.
Well-done Pixar.
I love Pixar.
I'm hungry.

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