Friday, 24 August 2007

Voxtrotting Through an Icky Grey Area Between Stars and Tigers

I haven't been talking about the music I've been listening to in a while, mainly because I seem to be overloaded with music to listen to, thanks to a recent new... er.. discovery that allows me to er... try out whole albums before I even think of buying them.

Anyway, I've been listening to these four albums among others, and decided to post them here because their covers were all grey. Yes, I'm that simple. So sue me.

So far, I've bought two of the above albums based on these er.. test listens, and I still think that the Internet has made it so much easier for people like me (Read: with limited budget) to actually determine whether an album is worth buying before I actually buy it.

While I'm still a little indifferent about Rufus Wainwright's Release the Stars (I like some of the songs but I can't seem to stand listening to his drawl for too long in one go), and I'm still at the halfway point with Ryan Adams' Easy Tiger (though I do think Two is a really nice song, almost in the vein of Wilco's Sky Blue Sky album); I do think that the Voxtrot and the White Stripes album were pretty good.

Good enough to fork out money for, that is. After all, if an album can stand up to more than five continuous rotations non-stop, I'd say it's worth buying, don't you?

Icky Thump is my favorite 'noisy song' of the year so far, I can't stop banging my head to the beat everytime it comes on. Hard to believe that two people can make so much noice. The rest of the album is equally catchy, and weird at some points, but all in all, its a damn good rocking album.

Voxtrot is a little different. I kinda like the lead singer's fresh-sounding voice, and Kid Gloves is one of my top ten favorite songs this year. The rest of the album is also filled with good songs, and it's been on rotation in my car for ages now.

Where to get these albums? Well, Icky thump should be easy to get, and I think I saw Rufus Wainwright and Ryan Adams in a Rock Corner somewhere. Voxtrot might be harder though, being an indie album and all. Try Rock Corner, but don't hold your breath...

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