Saturday, 29 September 2007

Book Review: Malaysian Politicians Say The Darndest Things (Amir Muhammad)

I've got a ton of books to read, and the Hopefully-Weekly-Book-Review should be Happily-Weekly for the next few weekends, I suppose, unless something crops up and I don't have time to read, or I'm too damn lazy (far more likely, I should say)

Anyway, I've already finished Temaraire, but I'll wait till I've finished the other books from Naomi Novik's series before I review them, and I'm also halfway through Pratchett's Making Money.

For now though, a nice, simple review for a nice, simple-to-read book. And a Malaysian book, at that!


Title: Malaysian Politicians Say The Darndest Things
Author: Amir Muhammad
Illustration: Shahril Nizam

The species called the Malaysian politician often gets in the news, but sometimes not for the right reasons. Malaysians Politicians Say The Darndest Things is a collection of over 100 quotes that span almost three decades. There are things that make yo go hmmm, things that make you go gaga, and things that give a refreshingly pithy introduction to several issues of their time. It is a jaunty stroll through contemporary Malaysian culture, society and (of course) politics). We are sure there is more to come, which is why this is only Vol 1.

What I Liked:
  • Funny!
  • Easy to read, very fast finish wan!
  • the illustrations by Shahril Nizam are really good and apt too.
  • A real eye-opener to what dumbasses some of the quoted persons can be
  • I especially enjoyed the ones I remembered hearing before
  • You do tend to get a little pissed off at the stupidity of the people quoted here. And that's a good thing.

What I Didn't Like:
  • I kinda expected more from Good Ol' Samy.
  • Where's the Bloggers are Monyet quote???
  • Somehow, I got the impression that certain quotes seem to have been included not for their humour but for other reasons altogether (go figure).

I knew I wanted to get this book the minute I heard about it. This is such a good idea for a book that I'm surprised no one ever thought of it before. However, I only found it yesterday in MPH 1 Utama after looking for it for a week now, and happily, I finished it within the night, in between reading Making Money.

Anyway, this book here is an entertaining read, for several reasons. One, it's funny. Some of the quotes compiled here are real Classic Malaysian Politician Quotes, some funny, and many which are really WTF-inducing. And yes, it gets you thinking about the state of affairs in our politics, especially when many of the quotes seem to have been senselessly uttered without any thought of what it might mean.

This is also a book that also covers a bit of the Malaysian political history - somewhat educational, if I must say. Though at some points, I must say that certain quotes seemed to have been included mostly to reflect a certain political opinion more than for the actual humour of the quote.

But of course, with a book like this, that kind of thing has to be inevitable. After all, most of the quotes WOULD be from the ruling party, wouldn't they, since the opposition seldom gets any media?

All in all, this is an entertaining book, a nice light read, and full of funny, WTF and barf-inducing moments (Samy's poem, especially). It was well worth the RM30 I paid for it at MPH, and I'm looking forward to the second volume (which shouldn't be too hard to compile, I should think. heh.)

BTW, Amir, if you're reading this, here's a suggestion: Why don't you try including some quotes from certain socio-political blogs as well? Some of THEIR rants are quite funny as well... heh heh. Lalala....

Friday, 28 September 2007

Hiro Nakamura Goes WHUMP!





THE BEARD! THE BEARD! (Like Evan Almighty!)
HONDURAS! (Scary!)
CLAIRE BEAR! (Repressedsy!)
MR. SULU! (Beam up!)


Thursday, 27 September 2007

Updates on a Mirage Maker From The Isles of Glory

Yesterday I was browsing around Kinokuniya when I saw this book:

Ah... It's nice to see a familiar name (meaning, someone I actually met before) on the fantasy bookshelves sometimes. I haven't heard anything from Glenda Larke lately, and I was wondering when her new book will be out.

Apparently, it's coming out soon. The second book of The Mirage Makers, that is - which is titled The Shadows of Tyr:

And what's more, she's already finished the third book (Song of the Shiver Barrens) and is now already working on a NEW book called the Drouthlord.

Hmm... I wonder if the new books will be available readily in KL just like Heart of the Mirage was...

PS: Her previous trilogy, The Isles of Glory (The Aware, Gilfeather and The Tainted) was not available in bookstores in KL. You could only buy them from the Malaysian Nature Society.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Spending Money On Making Money

After all my effort to save money this month, I really should have know beter than to go to Kinokuniya.

But NOOOOOO, I just HAD to pop in after an assignment just to see what they had, and ended up spending money on THIS:

And Dina Zaman's book:

As well as a pen and an FHM magazine that I had to pick up so I could take advantage of the TWENTY PERCENT DISCOUNT on the two books above.

Damn Kino's Dark Blue 20% Discount Tags.

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Extra Productivity Causes Red-Eye.

Today's been an unusually productive day for me. It isn't everyday that I manage to actually drag myself out of bed at 7:30am, take a shower, make a nice big sandwich and good coffee, AND wash up the dishes all within half and hour, and then sit down to actually get some work done.

Not only did I manage to get a particularly long story done, I even managed to fit in a little reading, some mooncake munching, some goofing around chatting about movies, and even got some much long-overdue and much procrastinated-upon transcribing done at the same time.

So yes, I've done most everything except blog.

And now that I DO have some time to blog, I can't for the life of me think of anything else to blog about besides the fact that I was very productive and busy today and only have time to blog right now.

And now, I've even run out of time to blog and have to join someone for buka puasa and then will run off to play a little bit of badminton (just a little bit), and then head home for a nice hot shower and go to sleep early.

And then I'll have to do it all over again tomorrow, thanks to anoter nice looming deadline on the horizon. Oh joy. Oh, and did I mention my eyes seem to be a little red as well? Must be all that po... er.. no, forget that.

It's a rare occasion indeed that I actually tell you what I did today. But do not fret, this is not gonna turn out into THAT sort of blog.

I just felt like sharing, that's all. Plus I have no idea what to blog about. Maybe I should do what Suanie did and ask for blog post suggestions. But would you care oblige if I did?

Ooh, it's time to go eat now.

Friday, 21 September 2007


Lust, Caution.
色, 戒
Not a Review.
TANG WEI! (Who?)

All the caps intended to make the movie sound more interesting.
Which it is.
But it's a bit slow.
And may not be everyone's cup of tea.
No green superheroes smashing up tanks.
No fancy swordfights in bamboo forests.
No gay cowboys banging in the mountains.
Just... a lot of talking.
A lot of plotting.
A lot of dramatic silences.
Lingering shots of quivering lips.
Some violent sex scenes (yeah right as if you'll get to see that in the cinema).
Some artistic shots of Tony Leung crying and being sadistic.
Some gratuitious shots of Wang Leehom looking like the pretty boy he is.

Awesome acting though.
Tony Leung is awesomely severe-looking.
I wouldn't want to meet this version of him in a torture chamber.
Tang Wei is pretty brilliant.
Her acting is superb, almost as good as Tony Leung.
Character damn tragic, but very gutsy.
Like, "Screw you guys, why should I be the only one?"
Wang Leehom's Mandarin a bit shite though.
All he does is stand around looking pretty.
Some shots are in Ipoh and Penang.
But I donno which one.
All the locations look the same to me.
Accents also damn hard to catch,
Especially since I watched with no subtitles.
Did I mention it's in Mandarin?
And some Cantonese, English, Shanghainese and even some Tamil.
Don't watch this movie if you are feeling sleepy.
Don't watch this movie if you are looking for laughs.
Don't watch this movie if you are looking for action.
Don't watch this movie if you are looking for giant robots.
It's one of those movies you know you should watch,
But you never know when to watch it,
Because you never seem to be in the mood to watch it.
But watch it you should.
And watch it in the cinema.
It's better that way, trust me.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Scatterbrain Insane and Completely Inane

This morning, I found myself in an unfathomable crazy experimental mood, and in that fit of madness, decided to load my iPod with a mere seven songs remixed endlessly, namely:

- 9 different versions of M.I.A.'s Boyz
- 3 different versions of M.I.A.'s Paper Planes
- 4 different versions of M.I.A.'s Bird Flu
- 5 different versions of Justice's D.A.N.C.E
- 5 different versions of Björk's Innocence
- 5 different versions of Björk's Earth Intruders
- 6 different versions of Bloc Party's The Prayer

All one after another.

Yes, that means I listened to Boyz NINE WHOPPING TIMES in a row, then Paper Planes three times in a row, then Bird Flu four times.... you get the idea.

Don't ask me why. I have no idea. And I don't even like remixes, MIA, Björk or dance music in the first place.

ANYWAY, the resulting havoc-inducing mayhem mixture of wave after wave of M.I.A's annoyingly repetitive bang bang repetitive bang bang repetitive LYRICS and remixed Bollywood-style beats; then five consecutive doses Justice's remixed and remixed remixes of their own remixed psycho techno beats coupled with the irritatingly catchy DO THE D.A.N.C.E refrain; and immedietely after that three different helpings of Björk's new wave psychedelic brain scrambling remixed soundwaves; and finally six versions of BLocParty's whining about wanting to be unstoppable has rendered me completely SCATTERBRAIN INSANE.

The only thing that's keeping me from freaking out, running and jumping around the office yelling gibberish at everyone is the fact that I'm bloody sleepy and had my coffee too early in the morning.

Moral of the day? Listening to too many remixes of the same songs all one after another kills the brain cells.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

The Wheel Of Time Stops For Robert Jordan

From The UK SF Book News Network:
James Oliver Rigney Jr. - better known to the world as bestselling fantasy author Robert Jordan - passed away at 2.45 p.m. yesterday afternoon, September 16th, having finally lost his battle with a rare form of cancer which was first diagnosed in March 2006.

I have to admit that when Shaolin Tiger mentioned Robert Jordan in the comments of the last post, I thought he was joking. Ironically, he wasn't.

When I read the later comments and realised that Jordan had really passed away, I have to admit that I was a little stunned (Neil Gaiman was stunned as well, and as a result, is considering staying out of the UK in September in the future to keep everyone alive).

While I've given him a lot of stick for dragging his Wheel of Time saga on and on forever, it IS quite sad that he has passed away without completing the final chapter of that saga.

The Wheel of Time was one of the earliest fantasy series' I'd read, and despite all my complaints, I have to admit the first five books are STILL some of the best fantasy I've EVER read. To add to that, I also have this feeling of having grown up with the books as well; therefore, for all my whining about it going on forever, I WAS still kinda looking forward to seeing the conclusion of this saga.

So here's to Robert Jordan, author of the unended Wheel of Time series.

May that final book be published in his memory.

Monday, 17 September 2007

A Tribute to the Wonderful Deaths of Pratchett and Gaiman (Which Is Not What You Think)

(Disclaimer: This post was written with no knowledge whatsoever of the death of Robert Jordan at the time, and thus should not be taken out of context...)


Death is such a morbid subject that you'd hardly expect anyone to turn it into something funny and comely, let alone pretty and flirty.

But that's what some writers have done, depicting Death as more than just a skeleton in hooded cloak wielding a scythe. Or in some cases, as the devil himself.

But then again, if you're an avid fan of Neil Gaiman or Terry Pratchett, you're probably used to your Deaths having a little more meat in them, both metaphorically and literally speaking.

These two authors are responsible for perhaps two of the most wildly popular and unique 'Deaths' in the modern fantasy age - Pratchett with his cat-loving, Binky-riding, CAPS-LOCK-SPEAKING Death; and Gaiman with his cute, sweet, floaty and ultimately charming little vixen of a Death in the Sandman series.

No surprise then, that when these two got together to write Good Omens, the Death in that book (along with the other three riders of the apocalypse) turned out to be very odd indeed (though I have to say that the GO Death reminds me more of Pratchett's Death).

Ah yes. Pratchett's Discworld Death. At first glance, he looks like the conventional stereotypical Death, ie. a skeleton in a hooded cloak, wielding a scythe. But wait. What sort of Death:
  • Rides a white horse named Binky (The fiery horse kept setting the stables on fire, while the skeletal one kept falling apart)
  • Has a soft spot for kittens
  • Has a granddaughter named Susan
  • Has indoor plumbing in his house that does not lead to anywhere.
  • Has been a rockstar, a farmer, and even Santa Claus at one point

(Drawings of Death by Paul Kidby, taken from

Nope, DW Death is not your conventional Death indeed. He's appeared in almost every Discworld book that Pratchett's written, and he's even got his own sub-series, comprising Mort, Reaper Man, Hogfather and Soul Music (did I miss any?).

Gaiman's version of Death, however, is probably one of the most inspired, enigmatic, endearing and morbidly er... infactuatious (as in infactuation-inducing) characters in the series.

Death the Eternal is the elder sister of The Sandman himself. No skeletons and cloaks for this Death - she's a cute, chirpy young gal dressed mostly in black, jeans, and has one heck of a scruffy hairdo. She also wears this silver ankh symbol around her neck, and has some weird pattern on her right eye.

It's hard to believe a character as ominously morbid as Death could be so endearing and cute, and yet so sad at the same time. Death is like the perfect foil to the glum and dreary Dream, and next to the floaty Delirium, she's my favorite character in Sandman.

She's also got two mini-series of her own, both written by Gaiman as well - Death: The Time of Your Life, and Death: The high Cost of Living.

Like I mentioned before, Gaiman himself is directing the movie for Death: The High Cost of Living. That's somewhat good news, because then we'd be sure he will be able to keep the essense of the character intact and not turn it into a parody of itself like a certain Ghostly Mat Rempit was reduced to recently. Then again, he might just screw up the rest of the movie, but who cares? It's DEATH!

So here's to two of my favorite authors, who have so far come up with the best 'deaths' I know of: Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett!


PS: Other 'cool' Deaths in pop culture I know of include:

South Park:
Death shows up in South Park and chases the kids, and finds time to watch and laugh at Terrence and Philip farting at each other. He eventually ends up killing Kenny. You Bastard!

Family Guy
: Portrayed as a "loser" who still lives with his mother, has asthma and has never had a successful date. He apparently hates the fact that he is dead and the fact that he has no ass. (Wikipedia)

Marvel Comics: Another 'girl' Death, but also depicted as a skeleton with a PURPLE robe. Why PURPLE????

(From The Death of Captain Marvel, by Jim Starlin)

Anyone can come up with more pop culture Deaths from books or movies?

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Book Review: Renegade's Magic (Robin Hobb)

I'd finished this book last week, but due to certain circumstances (a bout with early bronchitis earlier in the week, for instance), I've only been able to get around to posting the book review today...

This morning I'd done a full post about another subject, but since I think I'll leave that for Monday...

Anyway, if you’ve not read the first two books of the Soldier Son trilogy, and are planning to do so; I suggest you go read some other blog and avoid this post altogether, as it is almost impossible for me to discuss the book without divulging even the most minor of spoilers.


Title: Renagade's Magic (Book 3 of the Soldier Son trilogy)
Author: Robin Hobb

Synopsis (From


The people of Getty's town remember the death of their cemetery soldier vividly. They remember believing him guilty of unspeakable crimes, condemning him, and then watching as other men of his unit beat him until he no longer drew breath.

But Nevare Burvelle didn't die that day, though everyone believes they saw it happen. He was cornered by a power far more intractable than an angry mob.

When he was a boy, the magic of the Specks - the dapple-skinned tribes of the frontier forests - claimed Nevare Burvelle as a saviour; severing his soul in two, naming his stolen half Soldier's Boy and shaping him into a weapon to halt the Gernian expansion into their lands and save their beloved ancestor trees.

Until now Nevare has defied the magic, unable to accept his traitorous fate. But the magic has won: it has extinguished his once golden future, devastated his family and has now turned his own people against him. Faced with endangering the only loved-ones he has left, Nevare has no choice but to surrender to its will and enter the fore.

What I Liked:
  • Finally brings the long-drawn story to a close
  • Quite interesting the way she uses a first-person-stuck-in-another-person POV rather than a straight out first-person POV
  • It feels like a completely different book to the first two because the Speck self of Nevare is in control now, and most of the books focuses on the Speck side of the story.
  • The action bits are still great, and Hobb does a great job describing the pivotal scenes.
  • I like the way she makes the entire story come together in the end.

What I Didn't Like:
  • I still don't like Nevare much as a lead hero, even after three books
  • The whole trilogy really could have been way shorter than it turned out to be
  • Some parts a bit TOO slow.
  • The ending seemed a little TOO conveniently done, and a little anti-climatic.
  • THAT'S IT? That's the solution the magic had in mind all along?

With this book, Hobb picks up where she left off in Forest Mage, with the disintegration of Nevare Burvell’s life as a Gernian and the beginning of his life a Speck native of the forest.

This is probably the most intriguing book in the entire trilogy, as the entire perspective is seen from the Gernian part of Nevare, as the dominant Speck-Nevare (known as Soldier’s Boy) takes over and begins to dictate proceedings.

It’s this clash of cultures that ultimately make this series intriguing, as the common sense and Western-superiority complex battles with the Speck’s native conscience. In a way, Hobb mirrors the real world stark reality of oppression of the natives, destruction of forests in the name of development, and the clash of cultures that do not take the effort to understand one another.

Granted, it doesn't really hit the heights of all her previous books, it's still damn good to read. Sure, it's a little slow at parts, and some parts were still a little far-fetched (as far-fetched as a fantasy book can be, that is), but overall, it was still absorbing enough for me to finish quite quickly, in between two other books that is.

Somehow, I doubt that Hobb will ever be able to reclaim the heights that she reached with the Farseer, Liveship Traders and Tawny Man sagas, but Soldier Son does prove that she s not content to just rehash all her old books, and is at least making an effort to break away from the expectations for 'another Fitz story' in her plots and characters.

Now, I wonder what she has in store for us next....

Friday, 14 September 2007

The Magnificent, Overachieving Nix and Neil

Garth Nix's been really busy this year, hasn't he? He's published not one, not two, but THREE books so far!

Earlier this year, he published this:

Then I saw this in Kinokuniya the other day:

I didn't know about this, so I went home to do some research and found this synopsis:

From Harpers Children:
One beastly beast that's more than meets the eye. Two aliens with slimy tentacles and too many eyes fixed on adopting a human son. Three inventors and a sea serpent, a princess, an orphanage, and two ships full of pirates. Four fantastic tales by renowned fantasy author Garth Nix.

And as I was researching that, I found he's just released THIS as well:

Synopsis (from
In a futuristic urban wasteland, evil Overlords have decreed that no child shall live a day past his fourteenth birthday. On that Sad Birthday, the child is the object of an obscene harvest resulting in the construction of a machinelike creature whose sole purpose is to kill. The mysterious Shade -- once a man, but now more like the machines he fights -- recruits the few children fortunate enough to escape. With luck, cunning, and skill, four of Shade's children come closer than any to discovering the source of the Overlords' power -- and the key to their downfall. But the closer the children get, the more ruthless Shade seems to become!

Sounds intriguing enough. Man, that guy has been a busy little Nix, hasn't he?

Well, probably not as busy as Neil Gaiman, who has published Fragile Things, Interworld, M For Magic, and the Eternals comic series; wrote the screenplay for Beowulf, released the Stardust movie AND is busy getting ready to direct Death: The High Cost of Living... Did I miss anything?

Blast these overachieving authors. Making us non-achieving writers look bad only...

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Temptation and Miraculous Interventions at Kinokuniya

Was browsing in Kinokuniya recently, and saw a whole lot of books I really wanted to get.

Unfortunately, I've got to save money for now, and I can't get any of them. *sniff*

But I can always DREAM that someone, somewhere will so graciously take pity on me and buy these books for me, right! YEAH!

Anyone want to be that someone? :D :D

Anyway, here're the books I saw that I really want someone to buy for me. heh heh.

First up, some Gaimans...

M For Magic in particular caught my eye so much that I actually brought the book all the way to the casher and was about to pay for it until a miraculous intervention (namely a combination of a slow casher who didn't know how to operate the credit card machine and a fussy customer in front of me) made me turn around, put the book back on the shelf, and go out of the store to avoid more temptation.

This series of books also caught my eye, thanks to the gorgeous covers featuring DRAGONS!

Synopsis (from
Naomi Novik's stunning series of novels follow the global adventures of Captain William Laurence and his fighting dragon Temeraire as they are thrown together to fight for Britain during the turbulent time of the Napoleonic Wars.

Oooooo.... Dragons in the Napoleonic Wars? Weis & Hickman meets Susanna Clarke, anyone? Sound intriguing enough for me.

For now, there are only the first three available at Kino. The empire of Ivory is only being released in November... But who cares? Someone buy them for me please! :D :D :D

Random Road Rage Rants

Some random rants while I was driving to work this morning:
  • The traffic on the other lane always seems faster.
  • That said, what's the point of overtaking me from the left when you end up getting stuck behind a slow truck and end up going back behind me again?
  • It's called TOUCH N' GO, not Rummage-In-Purse-Take-Out-Card-Touch-Put-Back-In-Purse-N'-GO, dumbass.
  • Dumbass driver! Stop talking on the phone and USE YOUR SIGNAL LAR! Or at least hold your phone with the LEFT hand!
  • Bloody motorbike. Don't go and stop in front of me in front of traffic light can or not? Afterwards I wanna accelarate and beat that Wira who keeps revving his engine next to me also kenot.
  • HAHA Dumbass. I walk from far far also faster than you circling the place looking for a parking lot near the lift.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Teasing Iron Man Tries To Make a Transformer

Yup, the Iron Man trailer is out, and the movie itself is gonna be out ON MY BIRTHDAY NEXT YEAR! YEAH! :D :D :D

How does it look? Well, it's looking pretty... er.. ok.

Ok well, the armour looks damn cool, and Robert Downey Jr. looks the part (somewhat), but it just seems so... generic in this trailer. A little underwhelming if you ask me.

Oh what am I babbling about. Presenting some screenshots of the NEW IRON MAN TEASER TRAILER!

It's got Tony Stark!

It's got Tony Stark hard at work making you-know-what!

Iron Man - making

OK. Enough pictures of Stark. Behold... IRON MAN!

Here's the old diving suit armour!

It may look silly but it shoots fire!

Iron Man - fire

The cool new red-and-gold suit!

And what's a movie without villains eh? Presenting Iron Monger (at least I THINK that's Iron Monger...)

Ooh, and Iron Man FLIES!

Ok lah, some parts still cool lar. And I'll probably be watching it anyway. Besides, it still looks way better than Ghost Rider mar...

Wanna see the trailer? Click on Grumpy Ol' Robert below...

Monday, 10 September 2007

The Perhentian Adventure: Stars, Waves & Near-Death Experiences

THE trip started out innocently enough. 15 of us on a small fibreglass boat, heading home to the hotel after a long day of travelling and visiting giant electricity-generating fans. The trip from the hotel to the fans had been only about 15 minutes max.

The return trip took bloody FIVE HOURS.

We'd started out at around 7:15pm, taking a nice breezy trip between the two islands, and a short stopover at the village. We got there around 7:30, when we got to the village; we couldn't get on the jetty because the waves were too big.

At this point we still had a bit of light, and we could really see the waves were pretty big.

Cannot dock? No problem. After waffling around for around 15 minutes, the boatman decided to head home to the hotel. That's when all the excitement began.

You see, to get to our hotel, we had to go around this outlaying crop of rocks aptly (and menacingly called) Sharp Point. And to do this, we had to head out to open sea for a bit.

The open sea during monsoon season (or this close to it, anyway) is no joke ok? The waves were HUGE, and the light little fibreglass boat was skipping and falling like a rock skipping across water (read: could sink at anytime). Water was splashing into the boat, we were all holding on for dear life, and the boat just kept going up, down, up, down, up, down.

Finally, after around 10 minutes of trying to fight our way pass Sharp Point, we encountered this GIGANTIC wave that LIFTED our boat almost 3 feet in the air, and we CRASHED down (thankfully right side up) onto the water with a horrible lurch.

I remember thinking at the time, "F**K, this is it, we're all going under", and already imagining what I would do if we really did go under.

It was at this point that the boatman decided that it was too dangerous to keep going and we turned back, travelling a short distance to a nearby cove where the waters were nice and still.

It was then that we realised how close we were to disaster. According to the boatmen, if there had been a second big wave directly behind that last big wave, it would have overturned the boat instantly). To make things worse, we were all without lifejackets, and it would have been almost fatal for us if we'd had gone under.

Anyway, we were stranded in that little bay for almost two hours, as we could not get out of it to get to a proper jetty either due to the waves (we tried once, but gave up midway). We were cold, scared, and worried; some of the passengers had their holy books out and were busy praying; some were frantically calling people for help and loved ones to tell them about the situation (thank god for mobile phones huh? Unfortunately for ME, I'd left mine in the hotel. BRILLIANT). We could do nothing but wait, and wait for the waves to go down.

Eventually, after almost two hours of waiting, we decided to risk it and try to get to the nearest jetty, which thankfully we did. I tell you, it was AWESOME to be back on dry land. And tasteless nasi goreng pattaya never tasted so good before. There, we waited for another hour for a bigger and heavier boat to arrive and bring us home.

But that was not the end!

On the big boat also got damn a lot of drama. For one, they tied the smaller boat behind the big boat to tow back to the hotel, but midway through the journey, it came loose and we had to turn back to rescue it.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, we managed to get around Sharp Point on the boat, with me actually almost falling asleep on the front deck (it felt a bit like being on a HUGE baby cradle); and occasionally admiring the clear night sky (I'd forgotten how awesomely beautiful the night sky looks when all the stars are out).

Then, when we got to the area where the hotel was located, we still could not get to it because the waters were too shallow for the big boat and we had to wait another hour for the boatmen to get the boats moored next to each other so we could safely board it and go home (it was actually quite a hilarious interlude, because the captain of the fishing boat sounded so exasperated with his dumbass crew, and was constantly running in and out of the cabin while barking instructions in a THICK Kelantanese accent which we could hardly understand at all).

Anyway, we eventually arrived all wet and exhausted but safe and in one piece at our hotel, at exactly 12:15. Whew!

As for the rest of the trip, thankfully nothing else happened on our other boat rides; though if it were up to me, and if it wasn't for the fact that we were still on the bloody island, I'd have sworn off taking another boat altogether.

The Last Crusading Raider of the Lost Temple of Doom Visits the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Next

First, he was one of the Raiders of the Lost Ark.
After that, he visited the Temple of Doom.
When last we saw him, he was on The Last Crusade.
And coming next year, Indiana Jones will be on the road again,
All the way to The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
I wonder if he'll be hitching a ride there on his new sidekick's Camaro...

Good Morning, Sleepy Day

Came back to civilisation on Saturday,
Had a blast getting sold on Sunday
Wish today was not a Monday,
But instead, last Wednesday.
Which was Sunny-Island-Day.
But now it's Rainy-KL-Day.
Damn blur and groggy today,
Maybe I should have stayed in yesterday.

Friday, 7 September 2007

A Fond Farewell to The Jolly Gimli

Luciano Pavarotti

I remember you performing in 1990 at Italy,
It was music that seemed oh so heavenly.
Your voice so powerful and your smile so jolly.
Even though you remind me a bit of Gimli,
And though a fan of classical music I may not be,
I bid you a fond farewell, Luciano Pavarotti.

Back on the Mainland

Three days of sunshine, sea and fresh air and one harrowing near-death open sea experience in the middle of the night later (full story later); I'm finally back on the mainland!

More updates later. Now I wanna sleep...

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Greetings and Yawns from KLIA

I don't care what all you 'frequent flyers' say - 7am is too damn early to be getting up and going to the airport.

Not to mention a huge waste of precious sleeping time as well.

Does anyone know if I'll have Internet in Pulau Perhentian? Because if there isn't, this is gonna be the last post for the week...

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Working in Perhentian Then Getting Sold

Off to Pulau Perhentian tomorrow.
For er... work.
Yes, by jove, WORK!
And sun.
And beach.
And lazing around with nothing to do.
And work of course.
Come back terus next day kena jual.
Anyone wanna come buy me?

Monday, 3 September 2007

Megatron the Clown and a Twin Cutesy Robot Deathmatch

I've been posting so much on my toy collection that I might as well open a new blog dedicated to toys alone... but heck, I'm runnign out of ideas on what to blog about these days, so you'll just have to be content with pictures of toys instead! BUAHAHA! (or at least tell me what you want me to blog about lar...)

Anyway, I just got this set of cute little buggers the other day, and they're KIUT!!! Sure, somehow, Transformers that don't transform just don't have the same kick to them as does that.. well, DO transform. But these little buggers were too cute to pass up... hehe...

So, I now present the TF movie Robot Heroes untransformable figures!

Here're the Autobots - Ratchett, Optimus Prime, Jazz & Bumblebee:

Ze Decepticons - Barricade, Megatron, Frenzy & Blackout:

Although Optimus looks cool, the Megatron one looks TOO cheerful for my liking. I mean, he's the most EVIL Transformer ever, and he's grinning like Krusty the Klown?

And somehow, "twin cutesy robot deathmatch" doesn't quite have the same awesome ring to it...

Blackout looks like he's trick-or-treating, and going BOO!

And here are the comparisons between the Movie and G1 Robot Heroes (yes, there're G1 RH as well... pictures later...)