Monday, 3 September 2007

Megatron the Clown and a Twin Cutesy Robot Deathmatch

I've been posting so much on my toy collection that I might as well open a new blog dedicated to toys alone... but heck, I'm runnign out of ideas on what to blog about these days, so you'll just have to be content with pictures of toys instead! BUAHAHA! (or at least tell me what you want me to blog about lar...)

Anyway, I just got this set of cute little buggers the other day, and they're KIUT!!! Sure, somehow, Transformers that don't transform just don't have the same kick to them as does that.. well, DO transform. But these little buggers were too cute to pass up... hehe...

So, I now present the TF movie Robot Heroes untransformable figures!

Here're the Autobots - Ratchett, Optimus Prime, Jazz & Bumblebee:

Ze Decepticons - Barricade, Megatron, Frenzy & Blackout:

Although Optimus looks cool, the Megatron one looks TOO cheerful for my liking. I mean, he's the most EVIL Transformer ever, and he's grinning like Krusty the Klown?

And somehow, "twin cutesy robot deathmatch" doesn't quite have the same awesome ring to it...

Blackout looks like he's trick-or-treating, and going BOO!

And here are the comparisons between the Movie and G1 Robot Heroes (yes, there're G1 RH as well... pictures later...)

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