Thursday, 13 September 2007

Random Road Rage Rants

Some random rants while I was driving to work this morning:
  • The traffic on the other lane always seems faster.
  • That said, what's the point of overtaking me from the left when you end up getting stuck behind a slow truck and end up going back behind me again?
  • It's called TOUCH N' GO, not Rummage-In-Purse-Take-Out-Card-Touch-Put-Back-In-Purse-N'-GO, dumbass.
  • Dumbass driver! Stop talking on the phone and USE YOUR SIGNAL LAR! Or at least hold your phone with the LEFT hand!
  • Bloody motorbike. Don't go and stop in front of me in front of traffic light can or not? Afterwards I wanna accelarate and beat that Wira who keeps revving his engine next to me also kenot.
  • HAHA Dumbass. I walk from far far also faster than you circling the place looking for a parking lot near the lift.

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