Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Teasing Iron Man Tries To Make a Transformer

Yup, the Iron Man trailer is out, and the movie itself is gonna be out ON MY BIRTHDAY NEXT YEAR! YEAH! :D :D :D

How does it look? Well, it's looking pretty... er.. ok.

Ok well, the armour looks damn cool, and Robert Downey Jr. looks the part (somewhat), but it just seems so... generic in this trailer. A little underwhelming if you ask me.

Oh what am I babbling about. Presenting some screenshots of the NEW IRON MAN TEASER TRAILER!

It's got Tony Stark!

It's got Tony Stark hard at work making you-know-what!

Iron Man - making

OK. Enough pictures of Stark. Behold... IRON MAN!

Here's the old diving suit armour!

It may look silly but it shoots fire!

Iron Man - fire

The cool new red-and-gold suit!

And what's a movie without villains eh? Presenting Iron Monger (at least I THINK that's Iron Monger...)

Ooh, and Iron Man FLIES!

Ok lah, some parts still cool lar. And I'll probably be watching it anyway. Besides, it still looks way better than Ghost Rider mar...

Wanna see the trailer? Click on Grumpy Ol' Robert below...

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