Thursday, 13 September 2007

Temptation and Miraculous Interventions at Kinokuniya

Was browsing in Kinokuniya recently, and saw a whole lot of books I really wanted to get.

Unfortunately, I've got to save money for now, and I can't get any of them. *sniff*

But I can always DREAM that someone, somewhere will so graciously take pity on me and buy these books for me, right! YEAH!

Anyone want to be that someone? :D :D

Anyway, here're the books I saw that I really want someone to buy for me. heh heh.

First up, some Gaimans...

M For Magic in particular caught my eye so much that I actually brought the book all the way to the casher and was about to pay for it until a miraculous intervention (namely a combination of a slow casher who didn't know how to operate the credit card machine and a fussy customer in front of me) made me turn around, put the book back on the shelf, and go out of the store to avoid more temptation.

This series of books also caught my eye, thanks to the gorgeous covers featuring DRAGONS!

Synopsis (from
Naomi Novik's stunning series of novels follow the global adventures of Captain William Laurence and his fighting dragon Temeraire as they are thrown together to fight for Britain during the turbulent time of the Napoleonic Wars.

Oooooo.... Dragons in the Napoleonic Wars? Weis & Hickman meets Susanna Clarke, anyone? Sound intriguing enough for me.

For now, there are only the first three available at Kino. The empire of Ivory is only being released in November... But who cares? Someone buy them for me please! :D :D :D

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