Thursday, 27 September 2007

Updates on a Mirage Maker From The Isles of Glory

Yesterday I was browsing around Kinokuniya when I saw this book:

Ah... It's nice to see a familiar name (meaning, someone I actually met before) on the fantasy bookshelves sometimes. I haven't heard anything from Glenda Larke lately, and I was wondering when her new book will be out.

Apparently, it's coming out soon. The second book of The Mirage Makers, that is - which is titled The Shadows of Tyr:

And what's more, she's already finished the third book (Song of the Shiver Barrens) and is now already working on a NEW book called the Drouthlord.

Hmm... I wonder if the new books will be available readily in KL just like Heart of the Mirage was...

PS: Her previous trilogy, The Isles of Glory (The Aware, Gilfeather and The Tainted) was not available in bookstores in KL. You could only buy them from the Malaysian Nature Society.

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