Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Aliens and Predators Meet Wall.E and Astroboy In Narnia on 1-18-08

There's been tons of really really cool posters that have been released, and I'm practically despairing at the thought of not being able to get my greedy little hands on some of them (for several reasons, my er... poster 'suppliers' have vanished inexplicably. :-( )

Anyway, here are some of the latest of the coolest posters for movies that are gonna be released soon (or next year), starting with the very, very, very mysterious 1-18-08:

This JJ Abrams movie is a real enigma indeed. Nothing is known so far about the movie, besides a very brief but cool teaser trailer, and some weird and bizarre tie-in websites (more on this movie in another post).

Next up is what I'm hoping will be a much better version of the Alien Vs. Predator franchise, especially since the first one was such a letdown.

From the trailer, AVP: Requeim looks really kickass. Hopefully the movie lives up to the trailer and poster.

Ooh, here's the poster for The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, which I'm quite excited about despite the shoddy first movie. Reason? Prince Caspian was my favorite of all seven Narnia books, and the first one I'd ever read.

Caspian looks a bit of a wimp though, I must say...

Oh, and I'm REALLY REALLY HOPING that I can get my hands on this following poster:

It's PIXAR for gods sake, and something about this movie poster just feels quite... ethereal, for some reason. And Wall.E the robot is just so sad-looking, but still cute.

Oooh, speaking of robots, I didn't know they were making an Astroboy movie:

While I'm not that excited over the movie, I must say the poster looks good though.

And finally, one movie NOR poster that I am DEFINITELY NOT looking forward to is this one:

Oh yer gods, kill me now.

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